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Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedI have been doing castor oil cleanses on and off for a few years and the effects of this cleanse is amazing! It gets rid of cravings immediately and its just one day of discomfort in the privacy of your home. I am a big advocate of self-care whenever possible. According to Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar“ Castor oil has long been known as a flushing agent for the gastrointestinal tract, as it cleanses out and sanitizes the system – especially the gallbladder and liver, optimizing the flow of bile to boost digestion… It will also stimulate your body to burn fat and cleanse the deep tissues of your body.”

 I have personally experienced this cleansing effect each time that I do this cleanse. It is the quickest way for me to reset my body so that I may embark on a change in diet (particularly if I have been on a binge of fun foods for a while lol) 

Today is actually my castor oil cleanse day and so I decided to share this wonderful reset tool! Yup that's me not looking too beautiful as I am in the midst of the cleanse lol 

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"Castor oil works like fiber in the food. Drinking castor oil early in the morning induces the gall bladder to pour the bile into the stomach. (Early morning bile flow is heavier than at any other time) and also the stomach and intestines are empty to be cleaned. When hot water is sipped it causes mucus to be secreted which forces movement of bile and castor oil mixture to move down to the intestine. Bile and oil forms detergent (SOAP). A cleaning detergent is basically oil that is bonded to salt. Here castor oil forms a chemical complex with bile salts and forms a cleansing detergent. Sipping water makes a typical "HOT WASH". This really cleans the stomach and intestines and also gets rid of the toxins that come through the bile. Thus this is a powerful way of detoxification. Thanks to Ayurvedic masters who have understood the detoxification process and the physiology of the body so perfectly."READ MORE 

"What is the difference between doing the castor oil cleanse and having a colonic irrigation?

"Colonic irrigation is more a physical cleaning where water is pumped through the rectum. It physically removes dirt in the colon. Whereas
Castor oil cleansing is more than a physical cleansing of the dirt in the colon. Castor oil moves bile from the gall bladder and liver flushing the toxins out the toxins. The bile is usually un-absorbed due to fiber in diet. Castor oil cleansing is equivalent to eating lots of fiber to remove toxins.

Major benefit comes from driving out zillions of good and bad bacteria out of colon by the castor oil cleanse. Then in the end of the cleanse, butter milk replenishes the colon with good healthy bacteria in the colon. These benefits do not come with any other type of colon cleansing. This is why many patients get remarkable benefits doing castor oil cleansing. Even irregular periods, cholesterol problems, weight loss, allergies, hormonal problems, poor immunity in children are all cured with the cleansing (see testimonials ). Another part of the benefit is covered in the next answer." READ MORE 



  • Be prepared to spend the day at home! 
  • Have lots of toilet paper lol
  • Be prepared to race to the bathroom (it literally flushes through your system)
  • Be sure to have enough water to take you through the day as you are required to drink lots of hot water. It stimulates the flush
  • Do as little as possible for the day (although I am posting all of this while cleansing :) but I will be relaxing shortly
  • Have your veg broth ready and all other recommended foods for after your cleansing ends in a few hours
  • A heads up, my experience has been that sometimes the cleanse goes into the next day, not at the same level of urgency, however (but you can still eat, but light) 

DO SHARE! I would love to hear about your experience! 

*Note: Be responsible and do your own research. Be responsible for your own body! 


+1 #1 Sonia Barrett 2019-02-20 00:04
I feel so much lighter after the cleanse! The cravings stopped right away! Its quick reset and now I am ready to continue the resetting process!

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