The benefits of Melipona Honey eye drops

sonia honey drop picture 2

I just thought I would share this natural medicine I use in my eyes on occasion.  (In this picture I had just added the drops to my eyes and the stinging just ended lol)This is raw honey from bees known as the stingless bee.  Sometimes eyes become strained and blurry so I use specifically the following honey drops. My massage therapist introduced it to me a few years ago. She would drop some in my eyes and for a moment it stings out of this world lol but it doesn’t last long. I would notice how clear my eyes got while driving home.  This is the brand that I use, It has to be purchased online unless you live close by to Sylmar, California where you can walk in and buy it directly from that little honey store, La Miel Jireh Honey Shop. You may also try ordering it directly from the store (818) 364-8012


“Melipona honey comes from Mexico it’s a sting less bee its honey has very high curing properties and it thinner than most raw honey we know. This honey is well known to bee used for every kind of eye problem.

  • Cataracts
  • Red eye
  • Dry eye
  • Fleshy eye
  • Tired strain eye

This drops sting when you apply it to the eye but goes away pretty fast since this is a raw honey some people might be allergic but don't throw it away cause it has many other uses like cuts and scrapes, burns, scars, ear infection or ear pain and much more”

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