The powerful benefits of fresh cream

Cream can

I realize that these days there is much skepticism about dairy, particularly milk, but what is seldom not brought into the conversation is the importance of the manner in which cows are being raised.  The less nutritional milk or milk products are those from grain-fed cows. However, those that are pastured raised to graze and eat grass only produce healthy milk and cream. Its how many of our ancestors stayed alive and were perhaps stronger than today's humans. Below is an excerpt from an article that you may find of interest:


"Many folks don’t consider fresh cream a seasonal food, but it is. Spring is calving season.   Grass is vibrantly green and rapidly growing.   And cream, real cream is flowing.   At this time, cream is plentiful and deeply nourishing.   Cows allowed to graze on fresh pasture – and rapidly growing green grass in particular – produce a cream that is as rich in flavor as it is in nutrients.   Indeed, fresh cream is one of springtime’s best foods.   Historically, spring’s fresh cream was prized for its unique properties and it was reserved for butter making and stored – often in peat – for use throughout the year.   Indeed, we’re still stumbling across forgotten parcels of bog butter including some that are 2,000 years old. Fresh, raw cream is a living food." READ FULL ARTICLE HERE