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Who is Wendy and why is this dinosaur named after her?

Earth Is Losing Its Bumblebees

'Proof' of Little-Known Mass Extinction Found

Aw, NASA probe spies Pluto's 'heart' as flyby begins

This is one of the strangest star systems astronomers have ever found

Massive 'Magnet' May Have Powered Monster Cosmic Explosion

Pluto's Dark Spots Puzzle Scientists, But NASA's New Horizons Probe May Solve Mystery

Smartphone App Tells You When to Stop Drinking

Solar Roadways wants $1 million to turn the US' roads into an energy farm

'Not Yet Explored' No More: New Horizons Flying Stamp to Pluto

Spiky little sea 'monster' thrived a half billion years ago

Solar Plane Takes Off on Record 120-Hour Flight Across Pacific

Farming Without Water

Gorgeous Night-Shining Clouds Glow in New Earth Images

The Wearable Device That Could Unlock a New Human Sense

Why Send Humans To Space When We Can Send Robot

SpaceX Rocket Explosion Destroys Students' Science Experiment

Rosetta Sees Signs of Water Ice on Comet Surface (Photos)

Why Tonight's ‘Leap Second’ Is Stressing Everybody Out

Red Sea's Glowing Corals are Rainbow of Colors

Climate change health risk is a 'medical emergency', experts warn

More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or Obese

NEWS GUIDE: What's at stake in battle over Hawaii telescope

More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or Obese

Fitbit May Help Boost Activity in Older Women

The road to Mars: NASA's next 30 years

Fast-Food Chains Are Demanding Ethical Products. How Will Farmers Keep Up?

NASA will soon figure out what these weird, white spots are on dwarf planet Ceres

What is the Biggest Planet in the Solar System?

Mother Nature is still the greatest innovator

Seniors: How to "Switch-on" 25 More Years

6 Climate Triggers That Could Completely Change Our World

When It Comes to a Natural Sleep Aid, Consumers Have Spoken…

75 million-year-old blood cells found in dino bones

Biggest Ring Around Saturn Just Got Supersized

3 Unexpected Ways to Boost Creativity

Dwarf Planet Ceres Revealed in Amazing Video

3,800-year-old statuettes found in Peru

Beyond Lyme, new illnesses, more reason to watch for ticks

Powered prosthetic leg predicts steps, improves walking

Mount Everest isn't the Earth’s tallest mountain

Mysterious oarfish of the deep washes up on California island

The global warming 'hiatus' never actually happened, study says

Doctors could grow tiny versions of human brains

The Link Between Your Immune System, Brain, and Alzheimer’s

3 'revolutionary steps' will let women have babies at any age

To Treat Depression, a New Approach Tries Training the Brain

Stand for 2 Hours Every Workday, Panel Says

Why 6 people have spent nearly 8 months locked inside a dome on top of a volcano

Early morning is actually the worst time to drink coffee

Boeing Space Capsule Gets NASA's 1st Commercial Crew Flight Order

Researchers oppose unvalidated gene panel tests for cancer links

Younger cancer patients more open to alternative therapies

Alcohol Consumption Linked to Heart Damage in Elderly

Urine Test Could Detect Cancer One Day, As New Method Shows Promise

Mysterious Humanlike Species May Have Lived Alongside 'Lucy'

Berkeley lab unveils new solar energy center aimed at producing fuel from sunlight

NIH: Major study finds earlier HIV treatment improves health

Elephant numbers plunge in Mozambique because of poachers

Woman's donated leg mummified using ancient Egyptian practice

Oil globs close Los Angeles-area beaches to swimming

Cold case: scientists encounter prehistoric murder mystery

SpaceX capsule splashes down in Pacific with space station cargo

Greased Lightning! NASA Drone Advances Unmanned Craft

Ancient Mourners May Have Left Flowers on 'Red Lady Grave'

Lassa Fever Death in New Jersey: Risk to Public Called Low

Eating Disorders Are Deadly, But Who's to Blame? (Op-Ed)

Meet 12 Women In STEM Who Just Broke The Glass Ceiling

Investment fund CEOs call for long-term greenhouse gas cuts

Whale washes ashore in 12th recent death in California

Why China wants to land a spacecraft on the mysterious far side of the moon

In the US, at least one in four pre-packaged foods contains trans fats

White House: ethics of human genome editing needs further review

What's hot? Life sciences challenge tech in global innovation

California looks to Australia for tips on surviving drought

How Does Salmonella Get into Sushi?

2,000-Year-Old Water Supply System Uncovered in Jerusalem

Vegan Diet Eases Nerve Pain of Diabetes

NASA's sending a probe to Jupiter's moon Europa. It might be home to life

Study: Europeans to suffer more ragweed with global warming

Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands, home to unique pink iguanas

14 Superfoods That Are Even Healthier Than Kale

Could a 'super-Earth' be even more habitable than our own planet?

Remains of Bronze-Age Cultic Priestess Hold Surprise

World's largest particle collider busts record

California water cuts move to those with century-old rights

Depression Linked with Parkinson's Disease Risk

Bullied kids have higher risk of adult obesity and heart disease

Scientists Have Evidence That Dinosaurs Once Roamed Washington State

Watch the first launch of Bill Nye's LightSail spacecraft live at 10:45AM ET

Hubble Telescope Opened Its Space Eyes 25 Years Ago Today (Photo)

How NASA uses virtual reality to train astronauts

Why 2015 is the year agriculture drones take off

To fight superbugs, FDA seeks detailed data on animal antimicrobials

Americans likely to have six times more very hot days by 2100: study

The Case for Standing Water On Mars

The Chemical That Is Helping Scientists Save Endangered Salmon

Welcome to Australia, where even the rain is spiders

11 Veggies That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy

2 pints and a shot of science, please!

Cancer May Leave Early Warning Signs in Cheek Cells

How DNA sequencing is transforming the hunt for new drugs

Survey: More than 40 percent of bee hives died in past year

What is the easiest way to hide your gray hair?

FBI hair analysis problems reveal limits of forensic science

Watch lightning get trapped in this tiny glass box forever

7.3-Magnitude Aftershock: Landslides Pose New Threat to Nepal

Bill Nye Starts Kickstarter Campaign for Solar Sailing Spacecraft

The author of 'The Martian' doesn't think there's life on Mars

Jupiter's moon Europa might be coated in irradiated sea salt

Italian Astronaut Shows Off Space Station's Snack Supply (Video)

Stunning Total Solar Eclipse Observed Over the Arctic (Photos)

Oxygen-deprived dead zones found in the Atlantic Ocean

Astronomers find farthest galaxy: 13.1 billion light-years

Nutrigenomics: The Diet That Can Change Your DNA

To Boldly Brew: Astronaut Uses ISSpresso to Make 1st Cup of Coffee in Space

U.S. Medicare test program saved hundreds of million of dollars: study

Out-of-Body Experience Is Traced in the Brain

The cloudiest places on Earth, in one beautiful map

The telescope looking for the beginning of time

El Nino will be 'substantial', warn Australian scientists

Source of Antarctica's Eerie 'Bleeding Glacier' Found

Welcome To The Neighborhood: 2 Super-Earths Discovered

The One Nutrient That Is Missing in Nearly Every Diet

California cuts wetland, wildlife restoration in water plan

NASA just released the best GIFs of Pluto so far

New spectroscopic images of Mercury are a rainbow of colour

Scientists find chemical clues on obesity in urine samples

NASA MESSENGER Probe Prepares for Collision With Mercury

Scientists Have Discovered Liquid Mercury Under A Teotihuacan Pyramid

Food on the International Space Station Might Get More Boring

A pigeon-size dinosaur with bat wings? Strange but true

Astrophysicists build 3-D map of the universe

Are GMOs Really That Harmful to Eat?

The Dr. Oz truthers who think he’s saving them from Monsanto’s GMOs

The Unseen Slaughter Under the Sea

The Biggest Mistake About The Big Bang

Artificial Photosynthesis Advance Hailed As Major Breakthrough

Russian archaeologists excavate ‘White Walls’ of ancient Egyptian capitol Memphis

Immune System Drugs Melt Tumors In New Study, Leading A Cancer Revolution

X-Ray Scans 'Dig' Beneath Layers of Rembrandt Painting

Humanoid robot can recognize and interact with people

Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

The Milky Way Over Loon Island: A Stargazer's Stunning View (Photo)

The oldest Neanderthal DNA ever found could revolutionize our knowledge of human evolution

The Wearable Device That Could Unlock a New Human Sense

Brain development suffers from lack of fish oil fatty acids, study finds

Fatal Brain Disease in US Man Likely Came from UK Beef

A group of doctors just asked Columbia to reconsider Dr. Oz's faculty appointment

The Number One Cause Of Depression — Everywhere

Sorry, Pluto: You're really not a planet

NASA's New Horizons Snaps First Full-Color Image Of Pluto As It Rapidly Approaches The Dwarf Planet

Some People ‘Hear’ Colors And ‘Taste’ Sounds. Seriously.

Scientists Scan 100,000 Galaxies And See No Signs Of Alien Life. What Do E.T. Hunters Say Now?

Earth's Mysterious Hum Explained

NASA Pinpoints One of the Farthest Known Exoplanets From Earth

Why creationists are praying we never find alien life

Egypt archaeologists find pharaoh chapel

Liquid water on Mars right under rover's nose?

Near-Death Experiences: What Happens in the Brain Before Dying

Scientists seek source of giant methane mass over Southwest

Here’s what happens when 2 proton beams collide at nearly the speed of light

Giant Atom Smasher Revs up: Physicists Reveal What They're Looking For

Orbital says report on October rocket explosion nearly done

Scientists find 800,000-year-old footprints in UK

VASIMR Rocket Could Send Humans To Mars In Just 39 Days

Aliens Are Enormous, Science Suggests

Discovery Links Man to Americas for 36,000 Years

An extremely brief reversal of the geomagnetic field, climate variability and a super volcano

An Amazonian Tribe May Hold The Secret To Better Gut Health

Trillion-Dollar Philippine Economic Goldmine Emerging From Murky Pit

Essential Oils for a Healthy 2015

Archaeologists discover ancient Roman villa with central heating

New Fossil Takes A Bite Out Of Theory That Sharks Barely Evolved

This is what the Earth would look like if all the ice melted

'Alien' Camel Skeleton Discovered Along the Danube River

The whole globe is warming — but look at how much of it is caused by the Northern Hemisphere

Meet Little Foot, the 3.67 Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor

Physicists Warming Up the LHC Accidentally Create a Rainbow Universe

First Total Lunar Eclipse of 2015 on Saturday: A Skywatching Guide

'Little Foot' fossil sheds light on early human forerunners

World's Oldest Woman Revealed Her Secret to Long Life

Amazing chart shows the planet's longest-living animals

Why You May Soon Be Eating More GMO Produce

Exploding Head Syndrome: The Weird Sleep Phenomenon That’s Way More Common Than You Thought

Giant Alien Planet Has 4 Suns in Its Sky

Archaeologists think they've found the ashes of St. John the Apostle

Chinese archaeologists find 2-million-year-old 'playground' of ancient toys

Dark Matter Probably Isn't a Mirror Universe, Colliding Galaxies Suggest

We see 'less than a 10-trillionth' of the world around us, but new technology could help us see far more

Scientists are baffled why a small cloud survived an epic battle with a black hole

Proving Einstein Wrong with 'Spooky' Quantum Experiment

Serious talk about contacting aliens is sparking a fiery debate in the scientific community

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

Jupiter Smashed The Super-Earth Version Of Our Solar System

Researchers find fossil of 'Super Salamander' species

Obama, wowed by young scientists, announces new STEM pledges

Russia to Resume Space Tourism in 2018

Online platform 'Open Humans' launches to share DNA, other data

Feces contains gold worth millions

Doctors Fight to Ban Fast Food From Hospitals — and for Good Reason

NASA Satellites Capture Newborn Star's Growth Spurt

Jupiter may be to thank for life on Earth

Farmers fund new research to breed gluten-free wheat

Darwin's 'Strangest Animals' Finally Placed on Family Tree

Chemists claim to have solved riddle of how life began on Earth

Dawn breaks over distant Ceres ... and perhaps signs of habitability

Milky Way may host billions of planets in 'habitable' zones: study

Why the Earth Will Never Be Invaded

Monsanto settles with farmers over GMO wheat

Stem cells show promise for reversing type 2 diabetes

Leak in Mars Rover Curiosity's Wet Chemistry Test Finds Organics

Total Solar Eclipse on Friday: How to Watch It Live Online

9-Foot 'Butcher Crocodile' Likely Ruled Before Dinosaurs

Anti-GMO Activist Seeks to Expose Scientists’ Emails With Big Ag

There's more to this beautiful space image than meets the eye

CT scan finds mummified monk inside 1,000-year-old Buddha

Bill Nye the Science Guy has finally changed his mind about GMOs

Dawn of man: Ethiopian jawbone fossil pushes back human origins

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

These NASA Photos of Space Station Crew Landing Are Simply Amazing

Europe braces for 'unprecedented' power issues from solar eclipse

Anthropologist offers possible explanation for collapse of ancient city of Teotihuacan

Critic Cooks Up 'Totally Different Theory' About Stonehenge

Sign of the Apocalypse? Plague Is Back, With a Disturbing Twist

Scientists just discovered 2 never-before-seen particles, and they're refining our understanding of fundamental physics

UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth

Earth's Inner Core Found To Have A Core Of Its Own

Why does the Milky Way rotate?

Why you shouldn't give your doctor your Social Security number

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare

Experiment brings precision to a cornerstone of particle physics

Scientists find oddly behaving 'inner-inner core' at Earth's center

10 Mysterious Underwater Cities You Haven’t Heard Of

'Free Range Parenting' Making a Comeback

Rand Paul: Children Got 'Profound Mental Disorders' After Receiving Vaccines

Watch a giant black hole tear a star apart

More evidence that musical training protects the brain

The case for suing parents who don’t vaccinate their kids—or criminally charging them.

A British company has invented a boiler that generates electricity as well as heat

This Is What Traveling at Light Speed Really Looks Like

There's an effective medicine for heroin addiction, but anti-drug warriors are fighting it

Surprising Drug Facts Most Americans Don't Know

Chipotle founder said McDonald's chicken farm was the most disgusting thing he's ever seen

Does Humanity's Destiny Lie in Interstellar Space Travel? (Op-Ed)

Physicists reach new milestone measuring half-life of iron-60

Scientists abandon highly publicized claim about cosmic discovery; new results cast doubt

Why Don’t Americans Agree With Scientists About Science?

Why smoking pot feels so good: New neuroscience explains marijuana and the brain

10 Solar System Mysteries That Still Puzzle Our Best Scientists

GOP's Christie: Parents should have choice in vaccinationsGOP's Christie: Parents should have choice in vaccinations

Neil deGrasse Tyson is live-tweeting the Super Bowl with awesome science facts

Quantum Entanglement Can Now Be Performed on a Chip

650-Year Drought Triggered Ancient City's Abandonment

Super-Ancient Solar System Sparks New Thinking About Search For Alien Life

Great immune system? Don’t thank your genes—they have little to do with it

Earth would be totally chaotic if humans suddenly disappeared

Scientists abandon highly publicized claim about cosmic find

Physicists Have Built A Time Machine Simulator

Iceland is melting so fast, it’s literally popping off the planet

Powerful men may have fathered big chunks of world: DNA study

Black holes do not exist where space and time do not exist, says new theory

Parents who oppose measles vaccine hold firm to their beliefs

Sub-Atomic Particles Could Accelerate Themselves

Safety concerns cloud early promise of powerful new cancer drugs

Divers discover underwater forest off Norfolk coast

Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys

Research finds Neanderthals probably weren't brutish, inferior cave men

What Your Tongue Tells You About Your Health

American mothers are under attack

Intel Corporation is Being Awfully Quiet About 10-Nanometers

Don’t fear artificial intelligence

We could get to the singularity in ten years

Too Much Sitting Is Killing You (Even If You Exercise)

Jamaica official says marijuana reform bill ready

U.N. asks countries for climate plans after record warm 2014

'Innovative' Intervention Helps Babies at High Risk of Autism

Scientific Proof That We Can Heal Ourselves

8 Detoxifying Indoor Plants That Naturally Filter Your Air (3 of Them are Hard to Kill!)

A Word Of Caution On The 'Oldest Gospel Found In A Mummy Mask'

New analysis shows a way to self-propel subatomic particles

A terrifying ‘prehistoric’ frilled shark with 300 teeth captured in Australia

Ever Wake Up and Think You See a Ghost? Here's What's Happening

X-rays unlock secrets of ancient scrolls buried by volcano

135 years of global warming in one terrifying animation

Scientists Make Astonishing Discovery Of 'Ghost Particle' In Earth's Atmosphere Proving Alien Life Exists—Report

7 Children Removed From Home Over Mineral Supplement

We've Been Wrong About Saturn's Exact Location For Centuries

Cheese—A Nutritional Powerhouse that Can Help Protect Your Heart, Brain and Bones

Faster-Than-Light Lasers Could “Illuminate” the Universe

Your private browsing habits are far from being as private as you might think

Analysts: Pfizer's new type of cancer drug may get OK early

Did Gravity Save the Universe from 'God Particle' Higgs Boson?

Archaeologists discover mysterious metal linked to lost city of Atlantis

Bill Maher's Atheism: Religion Is The Crystal Meth Of The People

Here's How Many Intelligent Alien Civilizations Might Live In Our Galaxy

Colliding black holes could warp space-time itself

Cancer and Random Genes: Fortune Favors the Prepared

This Simple Energy Breakthrough Could Change Everything

High-temperature superconductor 'fingerprint' found

Two brain regions join forces for absolute pitch

Scientist tackles mystery of ancient astronomical device

'97% Of Climate Scientists Agree' Is 100% Wrong

NASA closer than ever to finding Earth's 'twin

1,000 Alien Planets! NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Hits Big Milestone

Scientists Discover Ancient 'Magical' Amulet With Odd Two-Way Inscription

Man discovers passage to Egypt's Great Pyramid — under his house

Grading Pharma In 2014: 17 Drug Companies Ranked

Fisherman Says He Saw Bigfoot Bathing ... And He Sent Us A Picture!

Archaeologists in Egypt unearth tomb of unknown queen

God is on the ropes: The brilliant new science that has creationists and the Christian right terrified

Scientists Discover New Connection Between Red Meat And Cancer

Scientists Alter Crops With Techniques Outside Regulators’ Scope

Cancer often due to bad luck, not genes or environment

Meteorite from Mars reveals further clues about atmosphere’s history

Botched environmental predictions for 2015

Physicists Tackle Our Favorite Science Fictional Debate

At HP Labs, an effort to make the biggest change to computing since the 1940s

This privacy-protecting app cocktail is the NSA’s worst nightmare

CIA On UFOs: 'It Was Us'

A Weird Phenomenon That Might Change How We See Neutrinos

'A living hell' for slaves on remote South Korean islands

Coffin Spotted On Mars Via Curiosity Rover Pics Is Proof of Life but Scientists Insist Case of Pareidolia

Why Being A People-Pleaser Is Bad For You (And How to Stop)

How America is being mind-controlled with chemical alterations designed by Big Pharma

The Financial Consequences of Saying 'Black,' vs. 'African American'

Earth-like planets in Milky Way hint at 'possibility of ancient life'

Say Goodbye to 'Made in China'

These are the encryption services the NSA can’t crack

Study finds possible alternative explanation for dark energy

The Most Important New Drug Of 2014

'Stretched Out' Alien Planets Could Be Seen with New Telescopes

Graphene May Double Solar Cell Power, Harvest Hydrogen From Air

How America is being mind-controlled with chemical alterations designed by Big Pharma

Google Wants to Store Your Genome

The Craziest Sci-Fi Fantasies That Got Closer to Reality This Year

The Newest FDA-Approved Obesity Drug Is Also the Oldest

When will man become machine?

Mystery of Ancient Chinese Civilization's Disappearance Explained

Mathematicians find a cheaper, slower way to get to Mars

Point to the Paleos: Settling Down on the Farm Made Our Bones Weak

Atheism, agnosticism and belief: Thoughts on going with or without God

Actavis, Adamas win FDA approval for Alzheimer's drug

Here's What Would Happen If We Stopped Emitting Carbon Pollution Right Now

5 Myths About IVF You Need To Stop Believing

Crave Ep. 187: Did life forms exist on Mars? Curiosity makes a big find

New Stonehenge Discovery Hailed As 'Most Important In 60 Years'

Active Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flare

A New Study on Diabetes Reveals Potentially Frightening News

Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice?

Engineers identify, address cause of persistent solar cell issue

Shop like a pharmacist: Don't buy Advil

Deep-sea asphalt mounds found off West African coast

Some scientists think we'll find signs of aliens within our lifetimes. Here's how

Could We Blast The Moon Out Of Orbit? We Almost Detonated A Nuclear Bomb In The 1950s

A universe of 10 dimensions

Is there intelligent life in the universe? 5 questions with astrobiologist Caleb Scharf

Ancient Mars May Have Been More Habitable Than We Thought

Scientists find early warning signs of changing ocean circulation

Why Scientists Are Blaming Cilia for Human Disease

Heartburn drugs rid stomach of acid, ‘good’ bugs, study finds

NASA image: Sedimentary signs of a Martian lakebed

Dark Matter -- Still Dark

Florida Considers Releasing Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes—What Could Go Wrong?

SpaceX Will Try to Land Rocket on Floating Ocean Platform Next Week

Governments turn up the heat on atheists: report

Special K, a Hallucinogen, Raises Hopes and Concerns as a Treatment for Depression

Did Deadly Gamma-Ray Burst Cause a Mass Extinction on Earth?

NASA image: Sedimentary signs of a Martian lakebed

Dark Matter -- Still Dark

Florida Considers Releasing Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes—What Could Go Wrong?

SpaceX Will Try to Land Rocket on Floating Ocean Platform Next Week

Governments turn up the heat on atheists: report

Special K, a Hallucinogen, Raises Hopes and Concerns as a Treatment for Depression

Did Deadly Gamma-Ray Burst Cause a Mass Extinction on Earth?

Why did NASA scientists name a geologic feature on Mars "Aztec"?

New Vasectomy Gel Could Offer Temporary Birth Control Option for Guys

What Is This Strangely Circular Outcrop on Mars?

The year's most common flu strain evades the vaccine

Deforestation May be at root of brazil drought

New Artificial Intelligence Challenge Could Be the Next Turing Test

1Which Americans suffer most from depression?

Big FDA Decision I'm Watching This Month

May Be Human Ancestor's Oldest Art 540,000-Year-Old Shell Carvings

Engravings On A Shell Made 300,000 Years Before Humans Evolved

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away': cardinal

Did the Ancient Chinese Make Contact With Native Americans?

he spread of an antibiotic-resistant 'superbug'

SPECIAL REPORT-Powerful antibiotic for cows often misused by farmers

Woman Claiming To Be Former NASA Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979

Physicists just discovered two new subatomic particles. Here's why

What Texting Does to Your Spine (OMG!)

Ancient DNA sheds light on the origin of Europeans

 Adorable Baby Bat Hospital Will Change the Way You Think About Bats

5 Surprising Ways Stress Wreaks Havoc On Your Health

Universe older than it looks

Recall Notice: Your Baby Wipes May Be Contaminated with Bacteria

IPCC Climate Scientist: Global Warming ‘Pause’ Could Last 30 Years

UFO 'large as the Earth' in satellite photo: Is 'solid' object entering the Sun?

Solar flares: Is the sun trying to tell us something?

Pope Francis: God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’

Caving in Fungshen China

War on pot defies science, doctors testify in federal court

Ancient shipwreck discovered near Aeolian Islands

Scientists Finally Crack The Code Of The Ancient 'Phaistos Disk'

What Your Birthday Says About Your Mood And Personality, According To Science

Fusion Energy: Hope or Hype?

Powerful New Microscope Allows Scientists To View The World Like Never Before

Astronomers Spot First Ice Giant Outside Our Solar System

Scientists Say We're All A Little Bit Face-ist

Supernovas captured in backyard

New Commercial-Scale Carbon-Capture Facility Will Turn GHGs Into Solid, Usable Products

The Physics of a Spinning Spacecraft in Interstellar

Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US

270-Year-Old Shipwreck May Soon Reveal Its Secrets

Giant Sunspot Causes Six X-Class Solar Flares 14 Times Larger Than Earth

Ditch Your Gym Membership For This 7-Minute Workout You Can Do At Home

Evidence Builds for Dark Matter Explosions at the Milky Way’s Core

5 Foods You're Probably Not Eating -- but Totally Should Be

Harvard Researcher on Aging: There's no 'limit on the human lifespan'

A physics experiment might soon tell us if we're living in a 2D hologram

Archaeologists Discover 15 Previously Unknown Monuments Buried Around Stonehenge

Weird Cell-Shaped Structure Discovered In Mars Meteorite

Has Earth's Missing Heat Been Found?

Supernatural 'Jinn' Seen as Cause of Mental Illness Among Muslims

Flu Shot Recommended for All Pregnant Women

'Telepathy' experiment sends 1st mental message

Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data from light to matter

How many moons does the Earth have?

The Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest lake in the world. Now it's nearly gone.

'Strikingly Geometric' Shapes Hidden on Moon's Surface

Archaeologists discover one of the earliest-known images of Jesus — and he's beardless

Topological defects in the fabric of space and time

Archaeologists unearth Ten Commandments set in California desert

REUTERS SUMMIT-For tech firms, the cloud makes carbon curbs compulsory

Competitive advantage for leaders comes from surprising trait

Ancient fossils confirmed among our strangest cousins

Could You Live in a Dome for 8 Months, Pretending It’s Mars? 6 People Stepping In To Do Just That Today

10 Amazing Ancient Discoveries Preserved In Amber

Exercise Counteracts Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's

Could Gas Explosions Explain Bermuda Triangle Mystery?

European Space Agency confirms site, date for first spacecraft landing on a comet

Archaeologists discover mural depicting Hades' abduction of Persephone

Why Houston Is Forcing Pastors To Turn In Their Sermons

Irish cross embedded on Mars? Opportunity rover photos ancient symbol

Here's what 9,000 years of breeding has done to corn, peaches, and other crops

Could A Planet Be as Big as a Star?

New Exotic Particle Could Help Explain What Holds Matter Together

Mars to see comet impact? Fly-by could become catastrophic event

Archaeologists make 'once-in-a-career' Iron-Age find

Mysterious Signal – A Potential Indication of Dark Matter

Latest Photos of Mercury from NASA's Messenger Probe

Solar power keeps getting cheaper — but not for the reasons you'd expect

Scientists build first map of hidden universe

Archaeologists unearth Ten Commandments set in California desert

UFO Hovers Near Space Station During Space Walk In NASA Video — What Is This Mystery Object?

7 Underwater Surprises Exposed in Dried Out California Lakes

Sea Creature's 100 Arms

Ebola Travel Crisis: How Does it Stack up to SARS and Swine Flu?

Drought-hit US town learns to live without water

What Your Personality Reveals About Your Health

Attempting to comprehend endlessness

UFO caught 'monitoring' International Space Station on live camera (Video)

'Living On A Dollar A Day' wins IPA's best documentary book for 2014

WHO: 10,000 new Ebola cases per week could be seen

How black holes happen

Pakistani teen, Indian activist win Nobel Peace Prize

Check Out This Huge Rock On The Surface Of Rosetta’s Comet!

Where the Hell Is the Surgeon General?

Humanoid statue discovered on Mars? (Video)

Satellite sees hot spot of methane in US Southwest

Slave photo discovered from Robert E. Lee's home

Drought exposes once-submerged Oregon town to archaeological dig

How to do the world's greatest stretch

Newfound Comet Visible in Binoculars and Telescopes: How to See It

These calculators let you see what would happen if an asteroid hit Ear

Marine mutants wash up on shore: two-headed dolphin a sign of chemical poisoning tipping point

Why are rain barrels illegal in Colorado?

10 Surprising Things You Can See From Space

New Species Of Massive Dinosaur Discovered In Africa

Canada finds 1 of 2 explorer ships lost in Arctic

'Meteorite' smashes into Nicaraguan capital

Archaeologists Just Discovered a 1,000-Year-Old Viking Fortress

Boeing's New Spaceship Makes Strides Ahead of NASA Space Taxi Decision

Fever mounts as stunning statues found at ancient Greek tomb

10 Signs You Take The Bible Too Literally

Possible Ebola Case Being Treated In Miami

UN says CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

New compound may cure common cold, other viruses

Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children; U.S. medical system clueless without a vaccine

The impossible triple star KIC 2856960

Enigmatic Viking fortress discovered in Denmark

Simeprevir in hepatitis C: Added benefit for certain patients

3,900-year-old bone armor suit discovered in Siberia

Flu Shot Recommended for All Pregnant Women

Supernatural 'Jinn' Seen as Cause of Mental Illness Among Muslims

Has Earth's Missing Heat Been Found?

Weird Cell-Shaped Structure Discovered In Mars Meteorite

Archaeologists Discover 15 Previously Unknown Monuments Buried Around Stonehenge

A physics experiment might soon tell us if we're living in a 2D hologram

Harvard Researcher on Aging: There's no 'limit on the human lifespan'

Archaeologists discover Stonehenge was once a full circle

SU2C Dream Team: Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US

A Stunning New Map Reveals For The First Time Where Our Galaxy Fits Into The Universe

Astoundingly huge" dinosaur skeleton unearthed

Historic comet landing site to be unveiled this month

Scientists discover HIV antibody that binds to novel target on virus

Researchers discover enormous 65-ton, 85-foot-long 'Dreadnoughtus' dinosaur

Frozen Lumpectomy For Prostate

U.N. envoy seeks climate neutrality

Awesome Space Probe Map Shows Every Mission Now Exploring Our Solar System

Whoops! So-Called 'Asteroid' Is Actually a Comet

Historic comet landing site to be unveiled this month

Bizarre Sea Creatures Force Scientists To Create New Category Of Life

Drought apocalypse begins in California as wells run dry

New Time Travel Simulation May Resolve 'Grandfather Paradox'

Ancient mammal relatives were active at night 100 million years before origin of mammals

Extinct Underwater Volcano Discovered Beneath Pacific Ocean

Experimental SpaceX rocket self-detonates over Texas

When Black Holes Cross Paths

Quantum Physicists Catch a Pilot Wave

“Forgivingness” Strongly Correlated with Mental Health

Smash! Aftermath of Colossal Impact Spotted Around Sunlike Star

Powerful herbal brews for feeling better

California passes 'yes-means-yes' campus sexual assault bill

U.S. to begin safety testing Ebola vaccine next week

New Earth-Size Planet Found

Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed

Woman 'Scared to Death' by Latest UFO Sighting

This Map Shows Every Connected Device On The Internet

Thermonuclear X-ray bursts on neutron stars set speed record

New quantum camera capable of snapping photos of 'ghosts

Newly Announced Super-Earth May Be The Closest Exoplanet Discovered Yet

Tiny bubbles: bonanza for study of climate change's impact on marine methane

10 Unsolved Mysteries From Ancient Times

Earth's Mantle Isn't Quite What We Thought It Was, Study Shows

6,500-Year-Old Oven With Heating, Hot Water System Is Similar to Modern Technology

Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb

Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change?

Humanity's Longest-Lasting Legacy: Miles of Holes

The tech breakthrough that will fight climate change

3,500 Pounds of Trash Will Burn Up in Earth's Atmosphere This Weekend

Ultra-rare crocs survive in Philippine 'Noah's Ark'

Fuel Cell Company Plug Power Is Surging

Stardust Grains May Reveal First Look At Interstellar Space

A new anti-HIV 'tampon' could save the lives of women

Wow! Milky Way Glows Over New Zealand in Stunning Photo

Dig at Colonial battleground turns up artifacts

Here Is The Futuristic Technology The Air Force Is Targeting Over The Next 30 Years

Private Cygnus Cargo Ship Leaves Space Station for Oblivion

A Look at the Production of Ebola Drug

Wait, Is That a Human on the Moon?

Stalk the Reefs With Google Maps for Under the Sea

Health dangers of eating instant noodles

Video games being used to treat depression

New electric American supercar with classic style aims for a quicker charge

Could shampoo go extinct in five years?

'Rangeomorph' Research Helps Explain Why Bizarre Fractal Creatures Went Extinct

Biotech Stock Exploding Higher After Good News On Liver Disease Drugs

This Pill Can Stop HIV — But Why Is No One Taking It?

Surgeons Say This Woman Became “Hyper Empathic” After They Removed Part of Her Brain

Giant Storms Are Raging on Uranus (Photo)

Amazing Andromeda Galaxy View Captured by Amateur Astronomer (Photo)

Giant Amazon fish becoming extinct in many fishing communities, saved in others

Surreal 'Shadow House' Figured Out How to Freeze Time

Undercover Audio Reveals How Anti-Abortion Activists Pursue Patients, Providers

NSA Internet Metadata Program Collected More Than Was Allowed, Shared Data Too Broadly

Rosetta’s Comet Already Spewing Dust, One Year Before Getting Close To The Sun

FDA Approves Highly Accurate At-Home Colon Cancer Test

Evidence Challenges the "Out of Africa" Timeline of Human Evolution

Epic Animal Migrations Could Change with Global Warming

Greece says vast, significant ancient tomb unearthed in north

Germany Added A Lot Of Wind And Solar Power, And Its Electric Grid Became More Reliable

Black hole bends light, space, time -- and NASA's NuSTAR can see it all unfold

What?! The Universe Appears to Be Missing Some Light

Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans

Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon?

'God' and Angel in Photograph of Clouds Over Cape Coral, Florida

'Evil Eye' Box and Other Ancient Treasures Found in Nile River Cemetery

Athens Olympics leave mixed legacy, 10 years later

5 Important Artifacts That Were Lost—And Found—In Museum Storage

Underwater Ocean Turbines: A New Spin on Clean Energy?

Lack of vitamin D linked to higher dementia risk

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions In Its Wake (VIDEO)

Solar flare event like 1859 due, scientists warn: Food, gas, money unobtainable

Is Earth’s Life Unique in the Universe?

Spray-On Solar Cells Are Finally Viable Technology

How Europe's Rosetta Spacecraft Will Arrive at Comet Wednesday

New FDA process speeds approval of high-priced breakthrough drugs

Millions of tons of ocean plastic have gone missing

The truth you're not being told about the Toledo water crisis in Ohio: Chemical agriculture poisoned the water

EmDrive Is an Engine That Breaks the Laws of Physics and Could Take Us to Mars

Imagining World War III -- In 2034

Can Ants Save the World from Climate Change?

100 years on, buried WWI shells pose threat in French fields

Mysterious Sinkholes May Be Threatening The World's Sixth-Tallest Building

Number of chikungunya cases spike in New York and New Jersey as virus spreads rapidly

Iron Age Bones Discovered In Denmark Reveal Bizarre Ancient Rituals

2,100-Year-Old King's Mausoleum Discovered in China

Galaxy's Huge Black Hole Puts on Spectacular Fireworks Show (Video)

7 Roles That Robots Will Never Fill

One ingredient for clear skin or lustrous hair

Ben & Jerry's unusual fight against GMOs

Uganda court scraps new anti-gay law

Tribe Emerges From Brazilian Jungle Possibly for First Time

NASA tested an impossible space engine and it somehow worked

Record-Breaking Cosmic 'Magnifying Glass' Found by Hubble Telescope

Strange Supernova Casts Doubt On Star Explosion Theories

New Image of Rosetta’s Comet Reveals So Much More

Danish Archaeologists Find Four Human Pelvic Bones Attached To A Stick

Odd Cause of Gaping Siberian Holes Possibly Found

The Pill Linked to Breast Cancer Risk for Younger Women

Crop Circles pop up: People flocking to crop circle phenomenon in Germany

The Pope’s 10 Commandments for Happiness

Bill Nye Explains Why The Search For Alien Life Could End On Europa

Climate change signals the end of Australian shiraz as we know it

NASA's New Spacecraft Will Have A Star Trek-Like Cockpit

An Advance in Tractor-Beam Technology

This Is What The Earth Looked Like When It Was Only Half A Billion Years Old

A Superplume Is the Reason Africa Is Splitting Apart

Millions of jellyfish-like creatures wash up on western U.S. beaches

Aliens may have already polluted the universe, say scientists

Second D.C.-area man stricken with flesh-eating bacteria: media

Dark matter brings physics to a crossroads

Going Nova: Star Explosions Unleash Gamma-Ray Blasts

Area around Fukushima plant is now a 'swamp of radioactive material'

Despite extensive analysis, Fermi bubbles defy explanation

The Future of Moon Exploration, Lunar Colonies and Humanity

Amazing 'See-Through' Mice Seen As Aid To Study Of Anatomy

How This ISS Fireball Revealed a New Type of Cool, Invisible Flame

Alien Planet Pollution May Aid Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Fresh images from Rosetta reveals surface detail of comet quarry

UFOs Over Toronto Caught On Tape, Prompting Police Reports

The Truth About Natural Gas: A ‘Green’ Bridge to Hell

After early troubles, all go for Milky Way telescope

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck At Just The Wrong Time, New Study Suggests

11 Foods That Make You Hungrier

NASA sounds red alert over solar flare that nearly wiped out human civilization two summers ago

How Antarctica shows we're at the point of no return

Violent aftermath for the warriors at Alken Enge

Satanic Temple seeks Hobby Lobby-style exemption from anti-abortion laws

Earth May Be in Early Days of 6th Mass Extinction

ESA Spacecraft to Land on a Comet

Origins of Mysterious World Trade Center Ship Revealed

This Mysterious Signal 'Could Not Be Explained By Known Physics,' Astronomers Say

Ebola fears hit close to home

Two New Mysterious Holes Discovered In Siberia

AIDS conference attendees on downed Malaysian jet

Camper made home of dismal, dreary rock

Why Gluten Sensitivity Is Probably Not Your Problem

Man Faces Felony for Using a Drone to Film Outside a Hospital Window

Cellphone Talkers Get Their Own Sidewalk Lane in D.C.

5 Tasty, Low-Risk Foraged Foods

NASA thinks the moon's underground caves could house astronauts

ASTRONOMER: We Think We're Close To Finding Life On Another Planet

World is getting warmer, says global climate report

Why So Many Young Men Are Getting Prostate Cancer

Climate Records Shattered in 2013

Is Our Solar System Unique In The Universe?

Take That, Jupiter! Planet's Great Comet Crash of 1994 Recalled

Forgotten freezer' held much more than smallpox

Is our solar system weird?

Ebola Survivor Shunned as a Zombie Joins Fight Against Virus

Mysterious 260-foot crater discovered in remote region of Siberia

Comet-chasing space probe makes surprise discovery

10 Problems Genetically Modified Foods Are Already Causing - Listverse

Curiosity's Laser Sparks a Mars Rock | Video

This 8,000-Year-Old Skull May Contain Preserved Brain Matter, Archaeologists Say

5 things you didn't know about Alzheimer's

The Hunt for Exoplanets Heats Up

Marijuana Edibles Burgeoning Into an Industry

Climate Records Shattered in 2013

A new image of Europa emerges

NASA spacecraft observes further evidence of dry ice gullies on Mars

Working to loosen the grip of severe mental illness

What’s Inside Jupiter?

Vasectomy linked to aggressive prostate cancer

Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

Supermoon 2014 Dates, Times: Three More Supermoons This Year, One Coming this Weekend

Bristol-Myers, Merck Immune Therapy Promising in Cancer Trials

Stunning New Close-Ups Of The Largest Crater On Mars

Oldest Known Case Of Down Syndrome Found In France

Satellite data shows livestock emitted more methane than oil and gas industry in 2004

Voyager 1 is officially the first man-made object to enter interstellar space

'Sonic Boom' Earthquake Shatters Expectations

The New Space Race, and Why Nothing Else Matters

Hubble Telescope Spies Gorgeous Galactic 'String of Pearls'

Baby thought cleared of HIV has virus again

Newly released Nixon tapes reveal nuanced beliefs on gays

Rare river-dwelling creature surfaces

Amazon seeks US permission for drone tests

Dubai to build climate-controlled 'city', largest mall

Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind?

What do healthy moms have in common the world over? Babies of the same size, study says

‘Designer’ Babies Are Only for the Rich

Interbreeding Common? Ancient Human Had Neanderthal-Like Ear

Big Pharma Needs Growth: Two Severely Undervalued Companies Ripe for a Takeover

Foods touted for their healing properties

US regulators fast-track novel leukemia therapy

Natural Sunscreen Explains Mantis Shrimp's Amazing UV Vision

Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq

Justices to consider nonprofits' contraceptives

Should Humanity Try to Contact Intelligent Aliens?

Cave coins found after 2,000 years

UFO On Mars? Curiosity Rover Spots Strange Light Above Martian Surface

Area on Mars reveals a surface modified by water over much of planet's history

Rescued space probe fires its thrusters for the first time in almost 20 years

Climate Change Is a Threat to National Security

Salt on Mars May Have Melted Red Planet's Ice

A Sunken Kingdom Re-emerges

Big Dipper Hotspot May Help Solve 100-Year-Old Cosmic Ray Mystery

Archaeological site in El Salvador reveals its secrets

Voyager 1 Hears Sun Echoes Far Away, In Interstellar Space

Secret documents say NSA had broad scope, scant oversight

The One Weird Fear All Humans Share

Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?

How Would Alien Astronomers Find Earth?

Ancient asteroid destroyer finally found, and it's a new kind of meteorite

Millions of tons of ocean plastic have gone missing

NASA Saturn Probe Will End Mission in Epic 'Grand Finale'

Magic Island' Possibly Seen in Seas of Saturn's Huge Moon Titan

Why Eating Fruits and Veggies Won't Make You Thin

Unmanned Mars One mission to blast off with experiments (and ads) in tow

Newly discovered space rock could explain booming life on Earth

NASA satellite to inventory climate-changing carbon from space

10 Recent Archaeological Finds That Shed Light On Our Past

New ‘Atlantis’ Discovered On UK’s Coast, Global Warming Blamed

4,000-Year-Old Chariots Discovered in Burial Chamber of Bronze Age Chief

Human Gut Cells Become Insulin Producers in New Approach

Scientists Find A Diamond the Size of Earth

U.S. missile defense system destroys target in key test

Mysterious 'Magic Island' Unveiled as Saturn's Moon Warms

Travelling 36,000 years underground in France's Chauvet cave

How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Age

Current Ebola Outbreak Is Now The Worst In History And 'Totally Out Of Control'

10 things snack food companies won’t tell you

U.S. top court mostly upholds Obama bid to curb carbon emissions

Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism

Gasoline-diesel hybrid could be key to cleaner driving

Cannabis Therapy Uses Hemp to Shorten Time to Market

NASA moving ahead with asteroid-capture plan, wants to grab one in 2019

Rockwell Medical Receives FDA Approval for Calcitriol

Particle physics: Experiments give shape to Higgs

5 Desserts that Are Actually Good for Your Skin

A weird and wonderful galaxy of exoplanets

7 Ways To Supercharge Your Immune System

Study Links Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Kids

10 Hypothetical Planets Proposed By Scientists

Deep-Diving 'Exosuit' Lets Scientists Explore 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck

Are Vanadium Flow Batteries The Solution To 'Too Much' Solar Power?

Cosmic radiation will finally get us inside the Fukushima reactors

The world’s most valuable marijuana business is getting more valuable

Remains of 'End of the World' Epidemic Found in Ancient Egypt

Gene mutation affects breast cancer survival chance

Environmental regulator: Renewable energy is ‘unreliable and parasitic’

Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event

Space, the Final Frontier: Becoming a Cosmonaut in Russia

Regulations Could Ground Drones Before Takeoff

30 Ways To Save Your Heart

Majestic caves for amateur explorers

Israeli says he has found King David's citadel

Students design a car that gets 2,824 mpg

Brazil tests suggest more ethanol means more local smog

Clues to nuclear disaster's long-lasting effects

Effects of Climate Change Visible from Space, NASA Chief Says

Turing Test Bested, Robot Overlords Creep Closer to Assuming Control

The top seven GMO crops you should avoid like the plague

Hunt for Source of All Matter Continues

 An Enormous Asteroid Is Passing By Earth Today And NASA Just Found Out About It

 Avoid Eating Genetically Engineered Foods

NASA's Prolific Kepler Spacecraft Begins New Search for Alien Worlds

Scientists Have Discovered A Planet They Thought Was Impossible

5 brain challenges we can overcome in the next decade

Pope Francis: Satan Wants to Destroy the Family

Marijuana shows potential in treating autoimmune disease

Simple Tests for Heart Attack Risk Could Save Lives and Money

Demolition unearths mysterious room with possible links to the Underground Railroad and Prohibition

Scientists Found a Way to Save a Long-Lost Spacecraft—Now It's Facing Its Biggest Test Yet

SpaceX Unveils Dragon V2 Spaceship, a Manned Space Taxi for Astronauts (Video, Photos)

Why Americans can't get the same effective sunscreen protection Europeans can

Milky Way on collision course with another galaxy

Qatar Urges Tourists to Dress Modestly When Coming to Town for the World Cup

Three years after Japan tsunami, suspected bits of debris arrive on Washington shores

Fisherman nets 4,000-year-old pagan figurine

What If Teleportation was Real?

Cosmic explosion spotted in neighbouring galaxy

U.S. Military's 'Iron Man' Suit Prototype Debuts This Month

High cholesterol levels easily managed with these five nutritious foods

The incredible shrinking dinosaur

After bin Laden backlash, CIA promises: No more fake vaccination campaigns

11 Myths About Sunscreen -- And How You Can Protect Your Skin Properly

How DNA Changed the World of Forensics

Authorities Detain 80 in International Cyber Crime Operation

Quickly Rising Antarctica Suggests 'Runny' Earth

Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims

Gravitational Wave Discovery Called Into Question

New cameras to probe planets beyond our solar system (+video)

Mistaken identity: 'Sea anemone' is actually new type of animal

 As solar panels boom, it was the simple business model that the big energy players missed

 Marijuana Stock Showdown: GW Pharmaceuticals vs. Medbox

Mystery Of How Magnetar Stars Form Revealed In New Study

These Bones Might Be the Biggest Creature That Ever Walked the Earth

Greenland's Never-Before-Seen Valleys Could Prolong Melting

Could a Vaccine-Based Cancer Cure Be Around the Corner?

Hawaii, The sea water is rising faster than you think!

Unidentified Metal Spheres Fall From Sky in China

Countdown to oblivion: The real reason we can’t stop global warming

New MERS deaths take Saudi toll to 173

Argentine dino find: long-necks survived Jurassic

Ancient skeleton shedding light on first Americans

Hard evidence of life on Mars that NASA doesn’t want to discuss

FDA Lowers Lunesta Dose Due to Next-Day Drowsiness

Watch Two Neutron Stars Form A Black Hole During A Cataclysmic Cosmic Merger

Americans Head to Mexico for Weight-Loss ‘Balloon Pill’

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Shrinks to Smallest Size Ever Seen (Video, Photos)

This is the first billboard on the moon

10 European colonies in America that failed before Jamestown

Burst Water Pipe Reveals Century-Old Crusader Murals in Jerusalem

Antarctic Ice Melt Will Raise Sea Levels, Swamp Cities

Massive dose of measles vaccine clears woman's incurable cancer

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

'Born Schizophrenic': 2 Mentally Ill Children Threaten to Tear Family Apart

Why Google is Making a Big Deal Over a Little Solar Device

Solar Roadways wants $1 million to turn the US' roads into an energy farm

Stonehenge Discovery 'Blows Lid Off' Old Theories About Builders Of Ancient Monument (VIDEO)

Under fire, Pfizer hits back as it weighs next Astra move

Scientists May Have Finally Pinpointed What's Killing All The Honeybees

Israeli says he has found King David's citadel

Students design a car that gets 2,824 mpg

Brazil tests suggest more ethanol means more local smog

Clues to nuclear disaster's long-lasting effects

Effects of Climate Change Visible from Space, NASA Chief Says

Pause in Global Warming Comes Served With Unwelcome Side Dishes (Op-Ed)

Dark Matter and Dark Energy Mysteries: Do Neutrons Hold the Key?

Weird Corkscrew-Shaped Light Unleashed by Universe's Most Powerful Explosions

New 'Meteor Storm' from Comet May Light Up Night Sky This Month

'Pinocchio Rex': T. Rex's Long-Snouted Cousin Discovered

Dino, Heal Thyself: Giant Beast Shrugged Off Bone Trauma

Yet Another Warning From the World Health Orgnaization on Air Pollution

CHART: How Climate Change Is Affecting Your Region

Moon Glows with Earthshine Over Italian Citadel (Photos)

Haiti confirms 14 cases of mosquito-borne virus

Don't use aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, FDA warns

10 Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

Solved! How Ancient Egyptians Moved Massive Pyramid Stones

The World's Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Set a Record High. Will We Ever Be Below It Again?

Newly arrived virus gains foothold in Caribbean

Coming soon: a brain implant to restore memory

The Insane Rainstorms We've Seen This Week Are What Climate Change Looks Like

A Canadian town is living in fear that a nearby dead whale will explode any second

Merrimack shares soar as cancer drug combo improves survival

Watch the Earth From Space, Live!

Jupiter Moon's 'Club Sandwich' Ocean Could Potentially Support Life

ADHD medicine’s long-term safety still a question

Mysterious Buried Artifacts Discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings

How Are We Looking Alien Life? - Discovery News

FDA approves first-of-a-kind sleep apnea implant

Ranbaxy recalls nearly 30,000 packs of allergy-relief drug in U.S.

Endocyte's ovarian cancer drug fails trial, shares sink

Confederate sub: Chemical bath to expose hull

Polar Vortex Revenge? US Heat Waves Melted Greenland's Ice

Can Marijuana Treat Diabetes?

4 Prescription Drug Myths Debunked

FDA warns companies to stop peddling false autism cures

Confused uninsured people thought ObamaCare meant getting microchip implants

Astronomers Have Discovered A Star That's As Cold As Ice

Risk of asteroid hitting Earth higher than thought, study shows

Joblessness an Unwanted Side Effect of Chemo for Breast Cancer

5 Problems with Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Supreme Court takes on privacy in digital age

Unique Crystals: Newfound Purple-Pink Mineral Is Like No Other

How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data

NASA discovers the sun has an icy neighbor

Pfizer Vaccine Study Could Change Medicine (And Boost Stock)

Do The Math: Ram Selvaraju On The Appeal Of Biotechs In Orphan Diseases

Iceberg is twice the size of Atlanta

40 Percent of Infants in the U.S. Live in Fear of Their Parents, Says Study

Happy Earth Day! The 8 Biggest Mysteries of Our Planet

The flu is back. (It never really goes away.)

The Planet Earth Is Trolling American Climate Change Activists

UPDATE 2-Spectrum Pharma to seek cancer drug approval in 3rd qtr

Risk of asteroid hitting Earth higher than thought, study shows

How to Make Doctors Irrelevant

Is Global Warming a Giant Natural Fluctuation? (Op-Ed)

Poll: Big Bang a big question for most Americans

Stunning New Orchid Species Discovered

Rwanda Hutu rebels condemn 'terror plot' arrests

Unease in Vatican over cardinal's 'luxury flat'

C.Africa on the 'brink of genocide', warns Tutu

West Africa's Ebola outbreak prompts changes in I.Coast cuisine

Church of England still invested in payday lender

Improbable Resurrections: 5 Real Cases of Coming Back to Life

Emirati firm promises to send citizen into space

Why You Can’t Debate Creationists

Devout, angry atheist finds new thing sue angrily about: VANITY PLATES

Kids get codeine in ER despite risks, guidelines

5 Unanswered Questions About Jesus

The world's dumbest idea: Taxing solar energy

Health Watch: depressed preschoolers?

Report: One fifth of China's soil contaminated

U.S. Scientists Clone Two Adults

Powdered alcohol is a thing, promises to make game day better

Is Gluten the Enemy?

Frigid Winter? Blame 4,000 Years of Wild Jet Streams

Freedom of religion? Yes. Freedom from religion? No.

FDA approves Ragwitek for short ragweed pollen allergies

Brutish and short? DNA 'switch' sheds light on Neanderthals

Some Not-So-Hot Facts About Global Warming Research–Global Cooling Part III

Scientists discover first Earth-sized planet that could support life

An 18-Year-Old Intern Who Kept Screwing Up Brain Surgery On Mice Accidentally Stumbled On A Scientific Breakthrough

There'll be no escape from the FBI's new facial recognition system

Elusive 'Exotic Hadron' Particles Confirmed

Bad Moon Rising? Preacher Ties Blood Moons to Biblical Prophecies

Clues to Type 2 Diabetes Discovered on Mount Everest

22 Surprising Uses for Turmeric

The Main Climate Change Question: When Do You Want to Pay For It, And How?

Is This Statue of a Homeless Jesus Offensive?

Chinese herb beats drug at rheumatoid arthritis: study

Tiny Minnesota museum's canoe a 1,000-year-old historic find

500-Million-Year-Old Embryos Fossilized in Rare Find

Quantum Supergravity Could Explain Weirdness of Black Holes

How Undereating Can Make You Gain Weight

Possible Mars Mission 'Showstopper': Vision Risks for Astronauts

Study finds signs of brain changes in pot smokers

Dwarf Planet Discovery Could Help Show Life's Spread Through Solar System

Mysterious Ancient Moroccan Rock Pile Explained

Scientists Report New Successes with Body Parts Grown in a Lab

Drones Reveal Hidden Ancient Village Buried In New Mexico

U.S. Doctors’ Group Tackles Gun Deaths, Calling Them a 'Public Health Threat'

Psychologists debate adding another attention disorder to the books

Project LIGO: How Lasers Could Reveal Glimpses of Gravitational Waves

First 'Exomoon' Around Alien Planet May Have Been Found

Nearby 'Minimoons' Eyed As Possible Targets For Future Manned Space Missions

With new health law, insurers target diabetics

Mars Makes Closest Approach to Earth in 6 Years Monday Ahead of Lunar Eclipse

UN: fixing climate change is affordable

Gravitational Waves Mystery May Be Solved Using Powerful Lasers

Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact Dwarfed by Earlier Space Rock Crash

Bible skepticism doubles in three years, survey finds

Strange 'Mars Light' Continues Streak of Red Planet Illusions

Boeing Going Vertical with 'Phantom Swift' Military X-Plane (Video)

How To Protect Yourself From This New Terrifying Security Flaw Called 'Heartbleed'

Americas get front-row seat for lunar eclipse

Earth's Oldest Living Things Immortalized in Stunning Photos

5 Eye-Opening Facts About Caffeine

Bible skepticism doubles in three years, survey finds

Your reality is actually 15 seconds long

Foster Farms salmonella outbreak continuing

New findings suggest 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' isn't a modern forgery

Maybe Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandkids Will Live On One Of These 10 Exoplanets (INFOGRAPHIC)

Saber-Toothed Tigers And Humans Met About 300,000 Years Ago At Schöningen In Present-Day Germany

Monarch Butterflies: Industrial Agricultural Warfare Is Killing Them, Us

Will Ocean Discovery On Enceladus Spur Life-Hunting Missions to Icy Moons of Saturn, Jupiter?

Ocean Discovered On Saturn's Moon Enceladus May Boost Its Potential For Supporting Life

Pope rules Vatican bank to stay operative, approves reforms

Weird Magnetic Anomaly Reveals Ancient Tectonic Crash

NASA training Robonaut to perform surgery

Does Dark Energy Spring From the 'Quantum Vacuum?'

Microbes May Have Caused Earth's Biggest Extinction

Top UN court orders Japan to end Antarctic whale hunt

Global warming dials up our risks, UN report says

Nearing Collapse? West Antarctica's Glaciers Speeding Up

Extreme Food Waste: Corporate Dispute Leads to Trashing of 950,000 Jars of Peanut Butter

In Another Groundbreaking Act, Pope Francis Confesses His Sins in Public

Ancient rheumatism drug reduces recurring inflammation around heart

11 Ancient Burial Boxes Recovered in Israel (Video)

Ocean garbage frustrates search for Flight 370

The Future of Marijuana Policy: Southwest

Science Confirms the Absolute Best Diet for Health

Pfizer lung cancer drug beats chemo for previously untreated patients

President Obama Proposes to End NSA Phone Records Program

Dinosaur Era Had 5 Times Today's CO2

Should You Eat Meat? An Ayurvedic Perspective

Physicist Explains The Full Implications Of The Just-Released Evidence For How The Universe Began

Climate Scientists' Biggest Challenge Isn't Scientific

Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse, Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests

Old Chicken Bones May Tell the True Story of Who Discovered the Americas

The Anti-Inflammatory Foods All Runners Need

Energy Industry Ignores Global Warming

15 Remarkably Easy Ways to Create a Dust-Free Home

Retirement: it just might be good for your health

A History of Disappearing Flights: Amelia Earhart, The Bermuda Triangle and More

Experts see cheaper, easier way to turn natural gas into fuels

450-Million-Year-Old Marine Creatures 'Babysat' Their Young

Elon Musk Is About To Launch The Heaviest Rocket In Existence — And Yes, It Can Reach Mars

The NSA Responds To Allegations It Impersonated Facebook And Infected PCs With Malware

5 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods You Might Want to Avoid

The ABCs of Oil Pulling: What is it and Should You Try It?

'Little Foot' may have been humans' forefather

Crowd-funded KickSat to carry over 100 tiny satellites into space this Sunday

Cuddling Babies: Hospital Volunteers Show the Power of Human Touch

Giant glass biodomes could help revive endangered species

Brazilian diamond hints at vast water reserve deep inside Earth

Ancient 'Ritual Wand' Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria

Francis factor blows away Vatican cobwebs

10 Problems With Genetically Modified Foods

FDA Cholesterol Drug Concerns: What You Should Know

Roche halts study on experimental cancer drug MetMab

The next flu drug might already be in your medicine cabinet

Pharma offering new hope for hepatitis C patients

Can drones help drought crisis?

Humans May Have Been Stuck on Bering Strait for 10,000 Years

Is Matrix-Style Learning Possible?

Saudi women activists demand end to 'absolute' male control

Strange State of Matter Found in Chicken's Eye

General Electric Is Pouring Billions Into Wind

Age-old indicators under stress in high Bolivia

‘This Week’: Ben Affleck’s Spotlight on Congo

5An Invisible Particle Could Be The Building Block For Some Incredible New Technology

States Where Pancreatic Cancer Prevalence Is the Highest

Study Sees No Evidence Linking Diabetes Drugs With Pancreatic Cancer

Ancient Gladiator School Discovered in Austria

Stunning Map Shows What A Worst Case Climate Change Scenario Might Look Like

Archaeologists recreate Roman gladiator school in Austria

Source of Stonehenge Bluestone Rocks Identified

Supreme Court seems divided in climate case

Helpful Meds Can Become Harmful As You Grow Older (Op-Ed)

Monsanto Company's Plan to Silence Its Critics and Save the Honeybees

Confirmed: Oldest Fragment of Early Earth is 4.4 Billion Years Old

Pentagon proposes to shrink US Army to pre-WWII level

Pfizer Vaccine Study Could Change Medicine (And Boost Stock)

Long-Lived Clean Power: Wind Turbines Last 25 Years, Study Says

5 Things You Didn't Know About Baby-Led Weaning

Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever

How Old Is Your Heart?

Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever

Doctors Advise Longer Labor to Avoid C-Sections

Sierra Leone unearths $6-million diamond

Why Half of Wal-Mart's Groceries Are Banned by Whole Foods

The 1 Legal Way You Could Get Rich From Marijuana

When Blood Pressure Goes Too Low

7 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

What One Mom Learned when She Stopped Yelling and Started Whispering

The First Smart Gun Has Come To America, And It Could Be The Start Of A Revolution

3 Dumb Ways Your Brain Sabotages You - Discovery News

This stunning infographic shows where our 25 active space missions are

Can Quiet, Efficient 'Space Elevators' Really Work?

How a Thug State Operates

A Dietitian’s Confession: Why I’m Changing My Tune on the Paleo Diet

Why I Chose Home Birth After Two Hospital Births

2013-2014 flu vaccine may make rare curtain call next season

How Crossing Your Legs Hurts Your Heart

New Biologic Drug Is Targeted Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Global Warming 'Hiatus' Is an Illusion, Study Finds

Jim Rogers: Major Crisis Coming

3,000 Americans ditch their passports

Pope briefed on Vatican bank as he mulls its future

These 5 Cancer Immunotherapy Companies All Have 1 Thing in Common

How Christianity gave us gay marriage

Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory

Lilly lung cancer drug improves survival in late-stage trial

Space Dust Is Filled with Building Blocks for Life

Ancient Rural Town Uncovered in Israel

Private space market takes off

What the Heck Is Going on in Venezuela? (Could the Maduro Regime Fall?)

Scientists Can Now Edit the Human Genome, One Letter at a Time

Why Would America Sell Saudi Arabia 15,699 Dangerous Missiles? Now We Know.

Research on an ancient fish hints at how modern faces evolved

 The evolution of the NSA

Military's 'Iron Man' Suit May Be Ready to Test This Summer

Alien Earths: why life on other worlds would be far weirder than us

900-Year-Old Viking Code Says "Kiss Me"

A year after resignation, ex-Pope Benedict has no regrets

Is Wheat the Next Big GMO for Monsanto Company?

A year after resignation, ex-Pope Benedict has no regrets

Man converts 3D printer into an air hockey robot

Japanese smart diaper is destined to have a lot of crappy days

Mexican drug cartels got a boost from plummeting corn prices

Ancient star helps scientists understand universe's origins

Toyota: Hydrogen cars have edge on electric cars

NASA is now accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon

Earliest human footprints outside Africa found in Britain

Inside the cult of Maria Lionza

Washington gives cannabis* the green light

British ex-Mormon accuses church leader of fraud

Giant glass orb could replace the solar panel

Constitution Check: What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns?

Black Holes Heated Early Universe Slower Than Previously Thought

Kia debuts its first electric vehicle for U.S. market

Bumblebees Can Fly Higher Than Mount Everest

Photos of the Day – NASA's First Close-Up of Venus

Bill Nye's Creationism Debate Not a Total Disaster, Scientists Say

Disgraced Catholic order denounces founder, apologizes to victims

The US will build regional 'hubs' to combat the impacts of climate change

Philippine leader likens China's rulers to Hitler

Why this millennial quit his 6-figure job and gave away most of his possessions

What humans may have looked like 7,000 years ago

Dark Matter Mystery Could Be Solved in Next 10 Years

A Battery That Runs On Sugar Could Soon Be Powering Your Electronics

Attorney General Holder open to Snowden returning to U.S.

The Enigmatic Edward Snowden Comes Out of the Cold

Strange Ball Lightning Caught on High-Speed Video

Previously unknown pharaoh's tomb reveals Ancient Egyptian dynasty

Robotics revolution replaces workers

Tasty Life: Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones Found in Ruins Near Pyramids

Number of Kids with Autism May Drop Under New Criteria

World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Seen From Space

Exploding Star: New Supernova Discovery Is Closest in Years

Scotland Surprisingly Had Glaciers 400 Years Ago

Quality Of Evidence Used By FDA To Approve New Drugs Varies Widely

Marijuana Law Just Got High in Complications

Global warming trend continues, so why are we all shivering?

Ancient Church Mosaic With Symbol of Jesus Uncovered in Israel

Monsanto, Metso, Taser, Bizcloud: Intellectual Property

 Weird! Strangest Science Stories of 2013

Vintage Find: 1,000-Year-Old Vineyards Discovered in Spain

The FBI Warns Retailers About Thieves Armed With Foil

Argentine Protesters vs Monsanto: "The Monster Is Right on Top of Us"

Blazing cannabis trail, US states eye tourism surge

NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware

Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse

Judge rules against BP in spill-settlement dispute

Obama, Michelle ‘living apart’

Get Ready for Cosmic Chaos on Christmas Day

Florida Teacher Tells Students "Jesus was White"

On the 100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve Heare are 100 reasons to shut it down forever

First Exomoon Possibly Glimpsed

Bill Gates Invests In The Urine Powered Mobile Phone

Japan Has a Helicopter Destroyer -- and It's Making China Nervous

UFO Sighting

Artifacts from 100 Years of Federal Reserve

Elusive Dark Matter May Have Already Been Found

 'Starship View' of Earth and Moon Captured by NASA Jupiter Probe (Video

Water on the red planet: more findings point to flowing liquid on Mars

Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push GE Crops on Africa

US releases more documents on surveillance origins

Will ‘Big Marijuana’ Be Fact or Fiction?

Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It's Possible

Wanna go live on Mars? Better get in line

We've Reached The Point Where Climate Change Deniers Need To Be Reminded That It Snows Every Year

'Spectacular' Crash On Jupiter Moon Europa May Have Delivered Life's Building Blocks

Satanic Temple Monument in Okla. May Include 'Interactive Display' for Kids

War With China?

China's shadow looms over Japan-ASEAN summit

Elusive Dark Matter May Have Already Been Found

Starship View' of Earth and Moon Captured by NASA Jupiter Probe Video

Water on the red planet: more findings point to flowing liquid on Mars

Mystery of Moon's Origin Could Be Solved by Venus Mission

Nikola Tesla Fell In Love With A Pigeon--And Six More Freaky Facts About The Iconic Inventor

What Does Your Social Security Number Mean?

‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ Conspiracy Theory Links Magneto to JFK Assassination (Video)

'Preferred' pronouns gain traction at US colleges

Venezuela after Chavez: An economy on the verg

Comet ISON Spotted by Mercury Probe, Sun Observatory Ahead of Thursday Solar Encounter

'Cultic' Temple, 10,000-Year-Old House Found in Israel

2 Companies Teaming Up to Tackle Monsanto

Climate change will cause 'serious economic losses' in Pacific

Penny Lane: Gitmo's other secret CIA facility

Mars Meteorite Reveals 1st Look at Ancient Martian Crust

Ancient Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins

New Bacterial Life-Form Discovered in NASA and ESA Spacecraft Clean Rooms

Shady amphetamine-like compounds found in weight-loss supplements

Hydrogen cars could be headed to showroom near you

Mars orbiter aims to crack mystery of planet's lost water

Venezuela’s Fiscal House of Cards

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel

Raw: NASA Launches New Robotic Explorer to Mars

What Happens After the U.S. Oil Boom Goes Bust?

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist

Mars Meteorite Reveals 1st Look at Ancient Martian Crust

Ancient Siberian Skeletons Confirm Native American Origins

New Bacterial Life-Form Discovered in NASA and ESA Spacecraft Clean Rooms

Shady amphetamine-like compounds found in weight-loss supplements

Hydrogen cars could be headed to showroom near you

11 Times You'd Never Expect To Find Jesus (But Might)

Holy Bible Labeled As Fiction At Costco?

Dinosaur Bone Damaged in WWII Revealed with 3D Printing

Spectacular Comet ISON Shines Bright in New Photo from Chile Telescope

Two-Headed Ray Fetus Found in Australia

Cats Bring Potential Breakthrough in HIV Research

Sun Fires Off Powerful Solar Flare (Video

6 Party Drugs That May Have Health Benefits

What Happens After the U.S. Oil Boom Goes Bust?

Raw: NASA Launches New Robotic Explorer to Mars

New underwater hotel lets guests sleep with Nemo

Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel

Venezuela’s Fiscal House of Cards

Mars orbiter aims to crack mystery of planet's lost water

Is it time to end Daylight Saving Time?

 Science trumps fiction on oil sands corrosion claims

Federal agents' pre-dawn raid on reporter's home raises questions

Is Google behind mystery barge?

5 Things You May Not Know About PepsiCo

Wiring money overseas? This new rule may help

Stunning Northern Lights Over Maine's Moosehead Lake a 'Sight to Behold'

How Dog and Cat Whiskers Work

In the Zone: How Scientists Search for Habitable Planets

What to do when your computer gets kidnapped by ransomware

Mount Etna volcano erupts; airspace briefly closed

Pentagon agency creating digital map of the world

Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Discovered in Mesopotamia

Are Humans Reversing Cat Domestication?

20 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Cows

The most dangerous mistake you can make during flu season

Want Your Baby to Become a Math Genius? Look for These Signs

Why we should actually build the Death Star

Yes, "Clean Food" Does Exist — and I Won't Apologize for Eating It

Want Your Baby to Become a Math Genius? Look for These Signs

Why we should actually build the Death Star

Modern China depicted as colorful, communist paradise by North Korean propaganda artists

Why is Saudi Arabia distancing itself from the US?

Discovered: Plastic-Eating Barnacles

NASA Spacecraft Snaps Amazing Photo of Earth En Route to Jupiter

Pot Pushback Goes Up in Smoke: $20 Billion Economy Awaits Marijuana Legalization

Nearly 600 Pet Deaths Tied to Jerky Treats

Monster Oarfish Beachings Raise Earthquake Questions

Author Reveals 4 Reasons ‘Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore’

For first time, most Americans favor legalizing marijuana: poll

How Much is The Entire United States of America Worth?

Saudi clerics protest women driving, blame US

Monsanto calls glyphosate 'safe' after AP report

Genetically Modified Babies

'Bionic man' makes debut at Washington's Air and Space Museum

Treasuries during debt ceiling fight

Art from space - The view from above

Skull discovery suggests early man was single species

10 everyday fuels found in your garbage can

Mondelez International May Use Microsoft Kinect to Track Your Snack Buying Habits

What archaeology tells us about the Bible

Google Maps taps into hope, reunion and the power of emotional marketing

TSA Pre-Check Program Blasts Forward With Rapid Expansion

Vatican asks US firm to probe real estate accounts

What archaeology tells us about the Bible

Sarepta Drops -- Is There Reason to Sell?

Weird Orbits of Pluto's Moons Caused By Huge Collision

Smelling Storms? Human Supersenses May Become a Reality

ND farmer finds oil spill while harvesting wheat

Incredible Technology: How to Use 'Shells' to Terraform a Planet

Pope stresses 'service' role for women in Catholic Church

Research provides new insight into how the Earth's core was formed

'Iron Man' Suit Under Development by US Army

Clues to Lost Prehistoric Code Discovered in Mesopotamia

Lonely Alien Planet Discovered Without a Parent Star

Hackers steal data from 2.9mn Adobe customers

Venezuela's Maduro stuck in shadow of 'El Comandante' Chavez

A human brain was preserved for 4,000 years after being boiled in its own skull

Capitol Suspect Miriam Carey Believed Obama Electronically Monitored Her

US indicts 13 suspected Anonymous hackers for WikiLeaks revenge attacks

Why the U.S. government is shut down: 5 theories from abroad

 Calif. Appeals Court Tosses iPhone Theft Charge as 'Temporary Taking

 10,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska

Monsanto Pays $1 Billion For Big Data Company That Monitors Climate Change

Your Brain on Om: The Science of Mantra

Number of Confirmed Alien Planets Nears 1,000

Russia warns Japan over travel to disputed islands

Russia ready to help guard Syria chemical sites, will not import arms

Muddy island formed by Pakistan quake may not last

Cryptozoology: Does It Matter If Bigfoot Is Real?

 5,000-Year-Old Leopard Trap Discovered in Israel

Will Sick Mars Astronauts Be Forbidden from Returning to Earth?

What 95% certainty of warming means to scientists

Intelligent Machines to Space Colonies: 5 Sci-Fi Visions of the Future

Why One Microbe Doesn't Age

10 Old Wives' Tales About Pregnancy & Childbirth

Scholars and Sci-Fi Authors to Debate Future of Humanity

Data supports fast approval for Roche's breast cancer drug: FDA staff

A pillar with a view: Monk lives above it all with his books, thoughts, prayers

Report: NSA can access most smartphone data

What's in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting

Secret 'Slave' Tunnels Discovered Under Roman Emperor's Villa

Unearthed Peruvian tomb confirms that women ruled over brutal ancient culture

The perils of homeschooling: German police storm home, seize four children

Is China's Space Program Shaping a Celestial Empire?

Wormhole Is Best Bet for Time Machine, Astrophysicist Says

First Liver Surgery with Tablet Computer in Germany

Boeing Production May Soon Be in Robots’ Hands

Humanoid robot comes to life

Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

Developer: Kan. caverns could preserve human race

Spacecraft Sees Giant 'Hole' In the Sun

Russian tycoon wants to move mind to machine

The Singularity Is Near: Mind Uploading by 2045?

Guatemala: 'Extraordinary' Mayan frieze found

Too Much Prozac Turns Minnows Into Killers

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead after battle with cancer

Why Die?: A Beginner's Guide to Living Forever by Herb Bowie ...

Money, Social Status Similar in Brain
Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why?

 U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

Spacecraft Sees Giant 'Hole' In the Sun

Physicists unveil results helping explain universe

Space-Time Loops May Explain Black Holes

TWA Flight 800 crash not due to gas tank explosion, say former investigators

After crash, Australian woman has French accent

The Singularity Is Near: Mind Uploading by 2045?

Scientists moving 15-ton magnet from NY to Chicago

Sweet Sodas and Soft Drinks May Raise Your Risk of Depression, Study Finds

Russia Bans GMO Corn Over Cancer Fears as Pressure Builds on Monsanto

“Organic ready” corn aims to prevent GMO contamination

The 11 Scariest Things in Your Food

FDA halts trials of Amgen drug in children, cites death

Artificial Sweeteners in Milk?

FDA approves imaging drug for cancer lymph nodes

Technological Breakthrough Allows Scientists to Read Your Mind

Analysis: Antibiotics crisis prompts rethink on risks, rewards

FDA to Investigate Diabetes Drugs for Possible Pancreatic Risk

Incyte falls as cancer drug is linked to infection

Is Religion Good for Your Health?

FDA again rejects United Therapeutics application

Pfizer's drug to treat tuberculosis in short supply

High court weighs drug companies' generics policy

U.S. autism estimates climb to one in 50 school-age children

10 Things Your Drugstore Won’t Say

Too Much Tea Causes Unusual Bone Disease

Normal Brain Activity Linked to DNA Damage

Heart repair breakthroughs replace surgeon's knife

Most Mothers Give Infants Solid Food Too Early

Was Jesus Married? Old Papyrus Mentions 'Wife'

Federal Reserve launches QE3

Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God?

Witness: Libyans tried to rescue US ambassador

The Starbucks Diet: How One Woman Dropped 76 Pounds on Coffee and BistroBoxes

What Is the Smallest Thing in the Universe?

Ingredients for Big Black Holes Detected in Milky Way's Core

Are You Being Monitored At Work?

Emergency officials pick RNC as subject of hurricane disaster drill

Scientists find the oldest bugs trapped in amber in Italy

Why Lying is Bad for You

Sugar molecules — building blocks of RNA — found around young star

What child prodigies and autistic people have in common

Dave Chappelle on Secret Societies and Homosexuality

Eyes May Be Key to Spotting Who's Straight, Gay

JPMorgan in $100 million credit card settlement

Bank of America pulls ATMs from two grocery store chains

U.S. Is “Totally Broke”: Federal Govt.’s Fiscal Gap Is $222 Trillion: Economist

Science fiction comes to life in Italian lab

Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Iran

The Psychology of Money


Costly newer drugs no better in breast cancer study


Futuristic Computer Program Arrives Ahead of Computer

Universe's 1st Objects After Big Bang Possibly Seen by NASA Telescope

Parts of Mars Interior as Wet as Earth's

Fears grow over mosquitoes genetically engineered to kill their own offspring

Rise in Kids Eating Laundry Detergent "Pods" That Look Like Candy

German court rules religious circumcision on boys an assault

Katie Holmes Scientology Is Watching Me

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Divorce: Scientology And The Rule Of 33

Scientists to unveil proof of ‘God particle

How Motherhood Changes the Brain

Google Just Got A License For Its Self-Driving Cars

Wall Street hits 2-month low on euro zone uncertainty

Bank of America Starts Mortgage Reduction Effort

Can Going Without Money Hurt the Economy? One Man's Quest to Be Penniless

Japan switches off last nuclear power plant; will it cope?

The Awá: Faces of a Threatened Tribe

The Origin of Mysterious, Dark-Skinned Blonds Discovered

Researchers say they have new clue to Lost Colony

Mystery surrounds deaths of 877 dolphins washed ashore in Peru

Your Tweets Can Be Subpoenaed

Foods that Whiten Teeth

U.S. Children Exposed to Hours of Background TV Daily

UK offers £10bn loan to the IMF

Cavities Are Contagious—Who Knew?!

S.Africa's Aspen buys $263 mln of drugs from GSK

Top FBI cyber-cop joins spy thwarting startup

BP seals $7.8 bn settlement in US oil spill

Synthetic marijuana on the rise: looks like pot, but 'far worse'

China suspends sale of drugs in unsafe capsules

China loosens currency controls on the yuan

China suspends sale of drugs in unsafe capsules

Researchers Map Brain Regions Linked to Intelligence

Sexual side effects added to Merck drug labels

DNA tests uncover hazards in Chinese therapies

Court: Managers don't have to ensure lunch breaks

Dental x-rays linked to common brain tumor

Brazil's Rousseff talks trade and training in US visit

Seaweed linked to post-menopause cancer risk

Rudolf Hess: Inside the mind of Hitler's deputy

China sets up rare earth body to streamline the sector

Gene Discovery May Move Personalized Stomach Cancer Treatment Forward

Doomsday shelters line Kansas missile silo

South Korea says North preparing for nuclear test

Google Asks NSA to Help Secure Its Network

Charges filed against five who removed teen’s kidney

Crackdown on prescription pain killers widens to Walgreens

UN rights chief calls for Trayvon Martin probe

Pope denounces dissident priests on celibacy

Unborn Babies Treated for Obesity in Womb

The Endless Potential of Flying Robots

Russian Orthodox Church Apologizes for Photoshop Stunt

Narcissists Often Ace Job Interviews, Study Finds

Bald 'cancer Barbie' doll to debut in 2013

Bees 'self-medicate' when infected with some pathogens

Billions of Planets With Life?

'Dude, It's Beef!': Governors Tour Plant, Reject 'Pink Slime' Label

Mysterious cloud spotted on Mars

Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged in French prostitution case

Cameron completes journey to Earth's deepest point

Mysterious Geologic Structure Seen from Space

Gravity-defying workouts lift fitness routines

Credit bureaus upsell ID theft victims, FTC report says

Mysterious cloud spotted on Mars

New foot and mouth disease strain hits Egypt:FAO

Safeway, SUPERVALU and Food Lion to Stop Selling 'Pink Slime' Beef

Israel’s skinny model ban: New law requires body mass index of 18.5 or a doctor’s note

Lawmakers probe pharmacy ties to drug shortages

US pharmacy chain postpones plan to sell DIY DNA kit

Jail inmate's death linked to medication

Hieroglyphics turn prisoner away from a life of crime

Osama not buried at sea: WikiLeaks

Gas Engines May Be Dirtier Than Diesels in One Respect

Zambia shuts polluting Glencore copper plant

China lead pollution poisons 160 children: report

$1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners

Sun Fires Off 2 Huge Solar Flares in One-Two Punch

Osama not buried at sea: WikiLeaks

Oxygen envelops Saturn's icy moon

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez says tumour was malignant

Venezuela's Chavez heads to Cuba for cancer check-up

Hackers had 'full functional control' of Nasa computers

New potato-spotting AI built with off-the-shelf tech

Mayan Light Beam Photo: Message from Gods, or iPhone Glitch?

Honda demonstrates new version of its ASIMO humanoid robot

Life on Earth Began on Land, Not in Sea?

New Type of Alien Planet Is a Steamy 'Waterworld'

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

Could vegetarians eat a 'test tube' burger?

Where's the Beef? Scientists Turn Stem Cells into PETA-Approved Meat [VIDEO]

Microchip device delivers drug

Space elevator could be ready by 2050, ride takes a week

Car security: Japanese engineers develop seat that knows who’s sitting on it

Combined vaccine tied to fever-related seizures

Honda demonstrates new version of its ASIMO humanoid robot

Life on Earth Began on Land, Not in Sea?

New Type of Alien Planet Is a Steamy 'Waterworld'

How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did

FDA to review inhalable caffeine

FDA approves Corcept's hormone disorder drug

Ancient meteorite standing between one Iowa town and its water supply

US federal judge and Florida judge clash over Scientology wrongful death case

Popular lipsticks contain lead, according to a new FDA study.

Revealed: The FBI's Secretive Practice of "Blackballing" Files

Alien Technology Found on Mars -- Ours!

Dark Matter Found Lurking at Edges of Galaxies

Massive Undersea Cable Connects Africa

All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm

"Monsignors' mutiny" revealed by Vatican leaks

Did illuminati kill Whitney Houston

What Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know About Refunds

Buffett’s Bank of America
Warren Buffett’s Net Worth Jumps $154M Thanks to Mortgage Settlement

Bank of America Declared Live Customer Dead for 3 Years?

South Redondo Beach Residents Believe Stray Voltage Is Causing Unexplained Illnesses

'Pyramids' planted to revive Philippine corals

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay

Glowing' jellyfish grabs Nobel

Laser is produced by a living cell

Threshold broken for tiny lasers

No need to panic, it's art

Scientists Use Brain Waves to Eavesdrop on the Mind

Teaching Creationism as Science is Un-American

Susan G. Komen's Founder Is Major GOP Donor, Ex-Bush Ambassador

FDA question's Amgen drug for prostate cancer

Hackers intercept FBI, Scotland Yard call

Lahore grieves over heart pill deaths

Did Germany sow the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis?

African Union: Ban Ki-moon urges respect for gay rights

Fold-up car of the future unveiled for Europe

France Turkey row: Genocide bill faces court hurdle

War or gaming fun? Spot the difference

Miracle material graphene can distil booze, says study

Ex-CIA spy: Iran's miscalculation over war

Asteroid Threat to Earth Sparks Global 'NEOShield' Project

BP must cover some Transocean oil spill damages

Ex-BP Worker Files Whistleblower Suit Over Cleanup

Scientists Take First Step in Giving Robots Body-Image Issues

Woman “imprisoned” on Scientology cruise ship for 12 years

Outrage over Indian islands 'human zoo' video

Earth May Have Had Two Moons

NASA Reports First Evidence of Flowing Water on Mars

How Did the Medieval Knights Templar Influence Norway Gunman?

First Asteroid Companion of Earth Discovered at Last

The Case of the Double-Headed Gold Coins

131 Children Vaccinated at Gunpoint

Brain Stem Cells Can Be Awakened, Say Scientists

Police Charge Mother in Nashville Airport Altercation

Pediatricians Turn Away Kids Who Aren't Vaccinated


Future Computers May Be DNA-Based

The Moon Has More Water Than Previously Believed, Study Says

FDA Raw: Ron Paul v. Milk Police

Evolution Machine: Genetic Engineering On Fast Forward

Hackers Take Down CIA Website, Break Into Senate Site

Is It Safe to Bank Online?

Looking to Speed Security for Frequent Fliers

Obama Administration Floats Draft Plan to Tax Cars by the Mile

Shrinking Funds Pull Plug on Alien Search Devices

IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End Commentary: China’s Economy Will Surpass the U.S. in 2016 China Has Divested 97

Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills

New Book Says USSR was Behind Roswell UFO

This Should be Banned: Found in 80% of Supermarket Foods

CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse'

IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End Commentary: China’s Economy Will Surpass the U.S. in 2016

Shrinking Funds Pull Plug on Alien Search Devices

Obama Administration Floats Draft Plan to Tax Cars by the Mile

Looking to Speed Security for Frequent Fliers

Report: iPhones Secretly Track Their Users' Locations

Wendy's Natural Cut Fries: Better Tasting, Yes. Natural, No

BP Plotted to Influence What Scientists Say About Oil Spill’s Impact, Internal Emails Reveal

We Too Should Ban the Burka

Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak

Whole Foods Caves to Monsanto

Hot Pink-Toenailed Boy in J. Crew Ad Sparks Controversy

China Decides to Ban Time Travel

UN Document Would Give 'Mother Earth' Same Rights as Humans

If You Can't Beat Depression, This Could be Why

Whistle-Blowing Witch Grounded by TSA

The Brewing Civil War No One is Talking About

Spanish Scientists Search for Fuel of the Future

Japan to Dump the US Dollar?

China, Russia to drop dollar in bilateral trade

Japan 'would avoid dollar bonds'

Tragedy in Japan affects whole world, It's historical turning point, experts say

Tokyo Passengers Trigger U.S. Airport Detectors, N.Y. Post Says

Tokyo governor apologizes for calling quake divine retribution

US backing for world currency stuns markets

Japan’s Earthquake Shifted Balance of the Planet

U.S. Takes Over Three Tylenol Plants

The Rice with Human Genes

World's Oldest Bacteria Found Living In Permafrost

New Way To Store Information Via DNA Discovered

Holographic Movie Storage-Physical Chemists Develop New High-Capacity Storage Technology

Life-Sized Holograms-Computer Scientists Refine Hologram Technology, Usher In Host of New Applications

111 charged in Medicare scams worth $225 million

New Way To Store Information Via DNA Discovered

IMF calls for dollar alternative

Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising January 2011

URGENT: Egypt has shut down the Internet completely January 2011

Freedom Was Born Of It, Freedom Was Made Of It January 2011

Water Cooler – Humans May Have Left Africa Much Earlier Than Thought January 2011

Letter from John W. Sedat et. al. on the Dangers of TSA Backscatter Scanners January 2011

First Masonic Inaugural  Ball

Human Body Version 2.0

Oprah's ugly secret

Reprogramming your Biochemistry for Immortality

 China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake


Experimental Weather Modification coming to your neighborhood, soon


North American Military Agreement Signed by the U.S. and Canada

Pentagon wants Cyberwar Range Replicate Human Behavior and Frailties

Dubie, Shumlin criticize psychotic drugs for kids



It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun

Human Rights and Media Manipulation  From Pinochet to ‘Human Rights’ in China

Whither Psychoanalysis in a Computer Culture?

The Human Machine merger: are we headed for the matrix?

Large-Scale Rewritable Holograms

Mixing Mammals

Better Bugs for Making Butanol

The Age of Virtuous Machines

AI Meets the Metaverse: Teachable AI  Agents Living in Virtual Worlds

Death of the father: British scientists discover how to turn women's bone marrow into sperm

Haptics: New Software Allows User To Reach Out And Touch, Virtually

Bionic eyes: Contact lenses with circuits, lights a possible platform for superhuman vision

Invention: 3D tissue printer

Nasa investigates virtual space

Microchips Everywhere: A Future Vision

Tiny Living Machines

Scientists hit back at Catholic church over 'cybrids'

Twin strands of DNA seek each other out

Shape-shifting magnetic bots take a page out of the Dharma playbook

The prospect of teleportation as a practical reality

Behold the Rise of Energy-Based Fascism

Earth's Problems Measured on Galactic Scale

The True Food Network

Robots of the future

Artificial letters added to life's alphabet

Reinventing Humanity , The Future of Human-Machine Intelligence

The Intelligent Universe

The History of the Fluoridation/Iodine

Antagonism (Thyroid history)

Kellogg’s and the Fluoridation of Salt & Water

The Fluoride Education Project

Purpose and Objectives of the HAARP Program