What it means to ride out change

While change is inevitable we still find ourselves in resistance to it. Particularity when we are faced with making changes that seems to be in our own hands. Perhaps we become more resistant because there is a sense of powerlessness or loss of control over the change that will or will not occur. Our experiences with unintended change that seem to snatch us from right where we stand, tossing us in an unplanned direction; has left us very vulnerable and cautious. For that reason we find comfort in changes that seem to rely solely on our decision.

The Mind Maze - Waking up in the dream!

We are wanderers in a mind maze, caught in our own minds, continuously searching for answers. We search with the hope of finding clues or some semblance of purpose and clarity of this journey. Endlessly facing resistance and opposition, there always seems to be a push back away from the freedom we seek. We are dreamers in a dream, of a dream in which most are asleep in the dream and dreaming their way into an even deeper state of sleep. We struggle to control the dream not realizing that the very application of control is pre-programmed; pre-programmed with concepts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions that mimic freedom.