The Mind Maze - Waking up in the dream!

We are wanderers in a mind maze, caught in our own minds, continuously searching for answers. We search with the hope of finding clues or some semblance of purpose and clarity of this journey. Endlessly facing resistance and opposition, there always seems to be a push back away from the freedom we seek. We are dreamers in a dream, of a dream in which most are asleep in the dream and dreaming their way into an even deeper state of sleep. We struggle to control the dream not realizing that the very application of control is pre-programmed; pre-programmed with concepts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions that mimic freedom.

Spiritual trendiness that can be a little annoying

In previous articles I have written about The role of “trends” in human adaptation and evolution . The manner in which we as humans take to trends is fascinating. If a word, phrase or behavior is heard or observed enough times it is easily adapted and becomes part of our norm. There are a few words particularly in new age circles that really makes my head spin around a few times. These words become so trendy that they lose their core meaning and instead become the “trendy” thing to say.