Spiritual trendiness that can be a little annoying

In previous articles I have written about The role of “trends” in human adaptation and evolution . The manner in which we as humans take to trends is fascinating. If a word, phrase or behavior is heard or observed enough times it is easily adapted and becomes part of our norm. There are a few words particularly in new age circles that really makes my head spin around a few times. These words become so trendy that they lose their core meaning and instead become the “trendy” thing to say.

How significant is your body

There is a tendency to greatly reduce the importance of the body specifically by a great many spiritual movements. It’s generally easier to dismiss things that seem to be beyond our control or beyond our ability to understand or decipher. The body is clearly a puzzling piece. However it is evident that the body takes its instructions from its occupant. Most of these instructions are unrealized; they are automatic based on patterns in behavior and beliefs. Much of what we understand is specific to a particular outcome, one that is supported by confirmation all around us…or so it appears.