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White castle riverEach year I host a retreat in different locations! It’s a spectacular experience for me as well as those in attendance! These groups of minds are incredibly aware and beyond the ordinary. They are quite cutting edge in their views and openness about reality and what’s possible.  We have become like family as most have been part of my journey of sharing for a number of years.

These retreats are not overly structured and formal yet profoundly rich in the level of information shared by all and in the excursions we venture into. We laugh a lot, no stuffiness. We celebrate the game like no other, dancing, food and laughter. The events are well organized for comfort, fun, and expansion! We go beyond the expected “new age” protocols of formality. The fact is that in our daily lives we spend much time adhering to protocols as set forth by our environment and overall social setting at which point authenticity becomes simply an idea and not a deep experience. With that in mind at these retreats, we show up as who we are, sharing our perspectives on reality without judgment. We stimulate thought and new perspectives in each other. We are also incredibly respectful of one another not because we have to but because of how we feel on the inside.

 For those who feel drawn to attend, we would love to have you join us! If you are contemplating about attending one of these retreats I have outlined below a few prerequisites for those who have never attended a webinar/workshop with me, those unfamiliar with my work or have only viewed me on YouTube.  We dive into science and decode reality! It’s done in breakout sessions at any given moment! I want you to be comfortable and to enjoy yourself and if you have not yet let go of your religious or social programming then I want to be sure that you are prepared to hang with us! By the time you leave the retreat, you will go home much lighter than you came I can assure you!

**NOTE- It will be determined if the retreat is a good fit for you (please fill out the form below)


(have read at least one of the following books in addition to having attended or viewed/listened to one or more of the following workshops – previous workshops also qualify and those may be found on the website store)

  • The Ultimate Game Changer Workshop 2014
  • Have read The Holographic Canvas – book
  • Have read a Journey of Possibilities – book
  • Understanding The Technology of human existence workshop 2017

Also please tell me a little bit about yourself by filling out the form below. You may also email me with any additional questions! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: When participants leave these retreats, it is a common occurrence that many experiences an assortment of changes in their lives! It is now realized this is not mere coincidence but that these changes are taking place after these gatherings. The experiences cannot be denied. It is because of this that I have now added two webinars that will be a follow up for participants after the retreat. They will be scheduled approximately two weeks after the retreat. This will be an amazing support system in perhaps decoding those changes. There is support of all those who had attended. What is to be understood is that the retreat unfolds in a very unorthodox manner, no rituals, yet profound knowledge is shared. The magic is in our laughter and we do a lot of it! 


Brilliant! Taking part in one of Sonia's retreats was like being in a salon of like-minded spiritualists, mystical scientists, and cutting-edge quantum thinkers from all walks of life. She has a real skill for facilitating intelligent conversation, teaching, and free-flowing interaction so that every participant leaves having acquired something valuable. This was not your typical seminar/workshop! Yvonne Chireau - PA (2017 retreat)
Sonia Barrett is a "one of a kind" retreat facilitator. The experience is always a "you have to be there to experience the magick" as it is hard to put into words. 
I just know with each retreat I come away changed, expanded and more aware of LIFE!!! Not life as we are told life is, but LIFE as it IS. Sonia's retreat are not for the faint of heart or those that want to stay stuck in their old paradigms. If that is you...do not come because WE QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! 
From Glenda Fikes ~ California

Life changing extreme expansion experiences is what we can always count on with Sonia's retreats. There is something very special about spending several days with her sharing space and experiencing her way of progressing through the game.". Many times my mind has been blown from experiencing what I term as instant upgrades just from her showing us a new path of progression. Sonia' s non-traditional way of teaching and interacting equates more so to sharing but allows for greater expansion for those willing to flow. I can't say enough how grateful my husband and I are for the wonderful expansion assistance we've gained from attending and not because she gives us a set of instructions but rather helps us find our own individual path to answers and understanding. If you are a person seeking new ways to open doorways within the self then come hang out with Sonia! Angel Thomas, Fl

I have attended every one of Sonia's retreats. Each one seems to exceed the one before it, which we don't think is possible but she seems to do it every time.. The information is pure Sonia Barrett style, that being said everything about the retreat is perfect: The locations are all very interesting, the food is delicious, and the people attending always seem to be perfect for the event also. If you have never attended one of her retreats, you don't know what you are missing... Barbara Love, California

The 2016 retreat with Sonia Barrett in the Mohave desert was a "holographic canvas " fun in the time-space continuum. Try to imagine Advanced science, beautiful sunsets, phenomenal culinary experiences and a great group of would-be scientists. The time we spent together as a group dramatically changed a my perception of time, space and reality as we know it I would do it again in a heartbeat. Lisa Michelin, Illinois

Sonia has cracked the code on the human experience. This is fully present at her retreats! Not only does one get to recalibrate and reenergize their metaphysical forms, but all attendees literally transcend space and time in this collective of unconditional LOVE and UNITY. Ultimately awakening the eternal soul and redefining what it means to be ALIVE. - Mark Savage Jr. "Free Think Empowerment Galactic Teacher"-

To say a Sonia Barrett retreat is an experience like none other is not only an understatement but it is quite literally true. If you've been to other "spiritual" retreats or done workshops in the area of human potential, etc., you might presume you will be sitting at the foot of a leader, someone everyone slavishly defers to.  That's not Sonia -- her retreats are open, free exchanges that are always intellectually exhilarating, as well as full of laughs and good cheer.  I always come away from them feeling as though I am not so alone in this world, as well as excited about moving forward in life with the fresh insights I always gain from Sonia's unique POV on this matrix we live in! Bev Baz

My first time meeting Sonia was also my first retreat in 2014 at the beautiful location in Ojai, Ca. I had no idea what to expect, but had a phenomenal experience. Sonia and the people I have met through her events have been instrumental in my expansion. It is truly difficult to describe the dynamics created through our coming together, there is such a groundedness mixed with exceptional expansiveness. The information Sonia offers along with her no frills approach, delivered in the way only she knows how, never disappoints. There is so much stimulation in thought and conversation with total freedom in expression. I am so grateful that this was the the group I initially aligned with and have continued to align with since that first retreat, and I look forward to our continued evolution. There simply aren't enough words to do these events justice, it has to be experienced!  Melanie Reynolds

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