Oregon, hot springs and forest retreat 2020


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Oregon, Hot Springs, and Forest Retreat!

Exploring the spaces between, mind, nature and time with Sonia Barrett

Five nights on a magnificent and secluded private property!

The elements of earth, water, air, and fire are portals to other aspects of ourselves!

August 18-23, 2020

Accommodations/Food: provided, all-inclusive! (except airfare) 

Come join us in Breitenbach for the 2020 retreat!

Nature seems to keep pulling us to her for a more profound decoding of self.

For 2020 we are drawn to Oregon! The land calls! We will be visiting a natural hot spring, waterfalls, the forest, the sounds of nature and so much more.

Each year we gather at a unique, beautiful private property; a house where we all sleep, gather, hang out, break bread, laugh, become family, dance, experience moments of enlightenment and so much more!

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The Steam Sauna is a cedar cabin perched above steaming waters with steam rising through slots in the floor.

As you may know, the retreats are never typical. They are reflective of flow, freedom, flexibility and allowing. So more specifically what can you expect?

  • Natural hot spring pools and steam sauna
  • Explore ancient forest trails and waterfall
  • Sound bath – Be immersed in sounds; the Tibetan bowls and gong!
  • Stone labyrinth – a walk to the center of a stone labyrinth; “outlined in river rocks, modeled after the nave at the famous Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France”.
  • Gathering and talks back at our private property
  • Fireside chats!
  • Laughter/ fun!
  • Food and lots of it!
  • Just show up!

Sacred Sound immersion! 

Helane sacred sounds

Helane Marie Anderson 

A friend and accomplished Musician. Author. Singer. Sound Healer. 



Gatherings are often spontaneous along with our scheduled talks as profound and mind-expanding conversations and insights flow through. Attendees are often blown away by the effect that these retreats have on their lives in just a short while after returning home. It is puzzling because there is so much laughter that it is difficult to imagine being so deeply impacted. It is the laughter that de-crystalizes the rigidity and stored limitations, pain feeling stuck, etc.

Because of this, I decided to present two no-cost webinars following the retreat at least two weeks after the retreats. It is a way for these changes to be discussed or shared as it can be a bit jolting. The effects of these retreats are truly mind-boggling particularly for those who are open to allowing themselves to transform. Each person is doing this for themselves although often unrealized!  


Our talks and outings!

Stimulating, relaxing, enlightening and fun! 

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*Prerequisite - Please review 

PREVIOUS RETREAT ATTENDEES 2018-19  Please contact the office for the discount code This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



IF PAID UPFRONT - $1550 (please enter the following code to receive this reduced rate  or call 818-899-1133 to make the payment  oregoncode )    

MONTHLY PAYMENT OPTION (Makes it easier) minimum $150 monthly (or more ), this is, of course, contingent on when you actually begin making payments. Final payment due July 2019


Deposits are final 

Space is limited to a select few - (because of returning participants there are generally a few open spots for new experiencers)