What it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back

You are the power generator of everything in your life!

A Webinar with Sonia Barrett, Author of The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter
Thursday, March 2nd  6:00 pm – 7:30 PT
This is a grand moment in time!

We often give our power away in ways that go unnoticed as this is such common behavior. Yet we quickly observe it in the lives of others but not in our own life. I wrote the following which struck a chord with many.

"You have the power to take back your power

Using the same power you used to give it away"

The fact is that we seldom make this connection in our own lives,  yet It actually takes power to give away power and that's what most have done. Because our lives are generally run in a business as usual manner, the allocation of our power to others as well as to beliefs and "stuff" is glazed over. We become the root of our own challenges.

We are now in the midst of the perfect storm as the current environment has triggered protests as people take to the streets to take back their rights or to stop their rights from being taken. But what exactly does this mean? Rights, power and permission go hand in hand.

The energy of this paradigm is delivering a sense of urgency in individuals assuming their power in many areas of their lives. This is an overall awakening and not solely based on social activism in fighting for rights. This is an individual stirring! The current conditions act as a catalyst!

COME JOIN US for this edgy look at what it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back. This is a POWER-FULL time! These are evolutionary codes written into this moment in time in the human earth matrix! 

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You are the power generator of everything in your life!

So what steps do you take to reclaim your power? This is what I will be sharing.

Here are just a few of the main culprits we deliver our power to:

  • Relationships
  • Jobs
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Society
  • Religion
  • Gurus
  • Money
  • Belief systems
  • Fear
  • Media
  • Government

There continues to be an increasing number of people leaving the planet from public figures to personal loss. For some this may strike fear as one begins to question their own mortality. These are ways in which we surrender our power to the field of fear around us.

  • Perhaps this is the talk you may require at this time.
  • Perhaps you have been plagued with figuring out your next move.
  • Perhaps you have been questioning your own beliefs or of those around you.
  • Perhaps you don’t want to be afraid anymore
  • Perhaps you don’t want to pretend to be fine anymore
  • Perhaps not quite sure when you gave your power away and how to take it back

So whatever your circumstances might be in losing your power you can retrieve it! What you really have is the illusion of haven given it away! Let’s talk! Join me!