AI ,Technology.and Human Evolution lecture

Robot smaller

Saturday, December 2, 2017

6:00 am-9:00 am PT


Crossing the 2018 threshold

Investment: $55



After years of speaking about evolving technology of robots/AI and computers it is now an undeniable fact that we are stepping into "Star Trek" technology, the new paradigm" My approach has always been from an insightful perspective with the intention of arming ourselves with knowledge. Sharing and examining this information is never about fear. The information is however being presented to those who have a genuine interest, curiosity and openness to more clearly understand this virtual game that we are part of.

Computers now range from simple processing systems to operating from a level of intelligence in the form of both computerized machines/technology and robotics. Only a brief summary of the talk is being shared here.

Where do we fit in?

How do we define "intelligence"?

How does your idea of spirituality fit into this evolving technology?

Are we simply data interface?

Are we processing reality at our optimum capacity?

What exactly does it mean to process reality?

Why is this important?

Computer Coding,algorithms, machine and consciousness

How do we see through the smoke and mirrors of this virtual design

Is there any significance of the coming 2018

The discussion/lecture will explore dense content in some areas but will be explained as clearly as possible. Q&A afterwards which I expect will create even more expansive thought.