Journey into your Super Self New York workshop


superhuman workshop


"Journey into your Super Self!" 

A follow up to the June workshop! 

A two-day event!

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday, September 8th - Sunday, September 9th 

New York, NY 

(lunch included)


(See below for details) 

The workshop in June was such an incredible experience that attendees supported a two-day workshop as the 4 hours just zipped. We all literally like we had jumped time. It felt as if we had only been there for maybe two hours at the most. 

We will expound on the following information more deeply and explore techniques for shifting your personal stories and patterns. We will experiment with these techniques during this two-day experience. 

The money, time and mortality programs are the most disabling programs! In order to break through to our Super self, these programs must be re-coded! 

These are three core components we fear running out of and because of this our choices and decisions are run by this fear of depletion. They are big "lack" programs cleverly and inconspicuously attached to many areas of our lives and often go completely unnoticed. 
Unraveling the science of the manner in which we are networked into these constructs will allow us to more easily deconstruct/recode a new roadmap in our brains/mind

Description of the previous June workshop

“ “Awakening” is a multilayered process whereby these various stages of awareness are unique to each. There are however opportunities that will allow us to continuously exceed the default collective upgrade. The fact is that we each give our permission for every next advancement we experience.

We must also remember that reality is expressed through a series of cycles, moments and periods which come and go.  How we experience these changing moments determines where we will find ourselves in or on the outskirts of this version of the human game. The earth game is not a singular experience but is rather multifaceted despite being quantified as a series of finite possibilities. There are many versions of being human; the endless spaces between the spaces.  What is this Superhuman stage about? It’s a return to abilities that are a natural part of the human experience. This is an incredible dance regardless of the dance steps you may choose.

Often many experience a sense of there being more; one may struggle to experience that sense of “more” as we stumble against these collective and personal programs. Giving permission to unlock our self is key…literally the key. The methods by which one becomes unlocked may perhaps be what is missing for most. This superhuman shift is not only possible but necessary for those prepared to make that kind of leap and upgrade.”


While the description of this workshop may be minimal for some please understand that over the years I began to function in a more fluid manner. This allows the information being shared to be live! It means that often incredibly expansive information shows up in the moment during the talk that may be new or unique to me as well. Below I will provide information for this talk according to this moment. We will more than likely expand beyond this outline. With that said here is a brief outline:

  • Superhuman. Super consciousness – what does it all mean?
  • The importance of no longer living within the safe boundaries of the predictable
  • How moving from a state of predictability unlocks your permission program
  • Are there multiple versions of reality?
  • Are you coded for shifting into the superhuman/consciousness version of yourself?
  • Can we recode our self?
  • The importance of this change to the physiology and the mind
  • What programs are silently holding you bound?
  • Re-membering that reengaging with your “super” self is your “normal”
  • The science of timelessness as it relates to being the “super” version of yourself
  • How will these changes impact your everyday life?
  • How does this all relate to the rise in technology at this time
  • Understanding the technology of being human
  • How to integrate this understand in a practical way
  • The importance of changing your perception of your matrix life (it’s the life of the character)
  • Who are you really?
  • How to unlock your mind in order to explore this workshop at the deepest level followed by actual application in your life!

This workshop is going to be so much more. My objective is to share in a way that will trigger as needed and to stimulate the memory of your “super-beingness”. If you have never been part of previous live workshops at the retreats or at my home, there is much that is shared that just does not make to YouTube. I will say more at the workshop in New York! I hope to see you there!


Cost $395

Early bird $325 Exp 08/10/18

**Once registered you will receive a download copy of the previous June workshop! A prerequisite to attend this September workshop for those who were not in attendance