The Reprogramming Experiment

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A four-part webinar series! 

We meet once per week online! 

Receive a download copy after every session! 

So often we attempt to make changes, however, sticking through the process can prove quite perplexing, challenging and most often disappointing. Although being fluid is an essential art to be learned and mastered there are certain behaviors that become the gatekeepers that intercept the desired change. Much of our behavior goes unnoticed simply because they have become our normal.

These desired changes are generally derailed by the judgments we impose on many areas of our lives. Because of this, we continue to experience the opposite of what is desired.

So for 30 days with the support of fellow participants, you will experiment with yourself. I want you to see yourself like never before! See who you are and who you continue to be!

The reprogramming process is much more than simply focusing on what you desire. This is clear otherwise our lives would be interpreted and experienced in a seemingly less complex manner. Are you even aware of the life you are living and how you have come to live it?  The science of our moment to moment function and the subtlety of the authorized shaping of our lives is key to this reprogramming experiment with one's self.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


  • Those ready to end the battle with themselves
  • Those ready to stop defending the character
  • Those ready to accept this moment in order to allow change
  • Those open to letting go of their attachment to their stories
  • Those ready to expand their world
  • Those ready to go beyond their survival programs
  • Those ready to embark on the honesty of self without judgment


I continue to receive emails and responses to perhaps one of my videos, an article or an interview and it is clear that the ultimate desire for most of us is to figure out how to regulate through this life, this maze, this playing field.

So my intention is to share insights and tools that will trigger your master self and to remind you that there is a way beyond any sense of feeling stuck. Through this 30 day journey my desire is for you to more clearly see the power you possess over your life and your choices.

I will provide some specific instructions on how to initiate the experiment 

What I can also say is that hacking and reprogramming yourself is not a part-time job it is an ongoing process.  This is an awareness and process that must become a habit.

This 30-day process is a jumpstart for each person in laying a foundation for ongoing change and commitment to new ways of regulating one’s life.  


WEBINAR- At least an hour per week

The first webinar – lay the foundation for the process and we immediately begin the experiment.

Each week we will address the experience and tools and tips. The aim is to help you to discover where the holes are in this reprogramming experiment with yourself. What are the difficulties if any.

During the gatherings, you will have the opportunity to share your questions and comments. It is so very important when we share in this manner as it helps others. Please let go of any fear of your questions not being worthy of being asked. These are all judgments that aid in supporting perceptions of lack.

AUDIO DOWNLOAD - All participants receive a download recording after each session

***Even if you missed a session you will always receive a recording of every session whether you were present or absent

That’s it so JOIN US!

Begins Saturday 22nd - 6:00 am until 7:30

COST - $125 

$100 early bird Exp 09/09/2018