Steps to launching your ideas and projects in 2019

Practical strategies to launch your ideas and projects! 

Money is often just an excuse not to produce the dream!

 A two-part workshop/webinar with me, Sonia and other brilliant minds! 

Saturday, January 19th and February 2nd

6:30am - 8:30am PT (online)

There is always a way! It’s time to see the way!

Disappointment, rejection and a little bit of depression? (sometimes it happens)

  • Are you an entrepreneur?
  • Do you have ideas that you never take action on?
  • Are you planning to quit/change jobs?
  • Are you waiting for financial freedom?
  • Let’s talk about where you want to go and how to get there
  • Change the story in your head, end the confusion
  • Let’s strategize a roadmap to playing your game

Just a few things that you don’t’ know about me....

sonia another picAt 29 I discovered that climbing the corporate ladder wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. So I set out to start my own business.  Before quitting my job I had to think of a service of some sort that I would enjoy providing and that I was good at. Although I was seated in top management in the corporate arena I began to discover too much about what goes on at the top and I felt that I didn’t want to support this company in making more money. (That’s where my mind was then) I was well on my way, I had the look then, the pricey suites, and the briefcase and the nice office, and my assistant also had an office. From the outside, it looked great! But I got to see firsthand how those on the lower end of this corporate machine were being treated especially when it came to paying adequate wages and raises. I saw the expense reports and the raises for those at the top, the greed etc., and I decided that I wanted to walk away! So what is the one thing that I just love to do and was really good at! It was cooking!

I then decided to experiment with an idea that I had come up with while still on the job I. To my surprise I had bluffed my way into a contract with this big hospital in San Diego! Wow…I was not prepared for this and had no commercial kitchen to get started! I had nothing! So how did I pull it off ……..


That moment launched me into....

  • My commercial kitchen (launching the first home-cooked meal service on a large scale in San Diego County, Sonia’s Kitchen)
  • My contract with The Price Club (now Costco’s)
  • Contracts with Tri-City Hospital
  • Contracts with Grossmont Hospital
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Several Ford dealerships
  • Meals on Wheels for wealthy clients
  • Professionals/singles and families
  • I later Launched The Food Valet; one of the first ever restaurant delivery service in the 90’s (Tony Roma’s, McDonald's, Claim Jumpers to name a few of the restaurants then) this was sooo unheard of at the time that it required my ingenuity in getting restaurants to come aboard ( I will tell you what I told them)
  • I was responsible for Little Caesars Pizza jumping into the pizza delivery business (my meeting with all Little Caesars owners in San Diego)
  • My write-ups in the newspaper, The San Diego Union, The Press Enterprise, The Californian, television commercials on ABC, channel 7 and radio commercialsI

In the midst of all of this was divorce and loss of everything! So I understand the knockdowns and the getting up process!

Yes, I was a trailblazer with courage, drive, and fearlessness!  I did even more! This was all before I had even stepped into this more expansive awareness. What I knew then was that I could dream and that I could imagine, have ideas and concepts and that money was never going to be the deciding factor in launching an idea. My first priority was always to the dream and shaping that which has been imagined, a way would always be made later on! Was my fearlessness due to my youth? If that is your thought then perhaps you must revive your youthful thinking! (the game tends to cloud the mind over many cycles)

I now more clearly understand the paradox of the illusion and the illusion of fear and of obstacles.

Yes, I was also a risk taker!  However, there has to be a balance so there is such a thing as playing it too safe as well as going too far out on the risk level (and that I had also done)!

I later....

Organized events in the Hollywood arena. Spearheaded the organizing of such events as: ICM's coveted Oscar party, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes post-wedding celebration in Beverly Hills, Joel Silver (Producer of the Matrix trilogy) numerous events, Michael Jordan Golf Tournament (yearly Bahamas event), Walt Disney employee events, Paramount Pictures charity events, Victoria Secret to name a few including a number of corporate events.

Where are you in launching your life out of the safe zone?

This workshop is for ANYONE! Not just for entrepreneurs! You are also in the business of running your life…believe it or not! You are here to do a job…and that job is called life and experiencing reality, dreaming both the biggest and the smallest dreams. Do your job and live!

Today I am here, always living a new dream!

Let go of your old stories and excuses…they will age you and keep you ready for expiration!

Come join us and expand into many possibilities!

30 Minute Consultation included! 

30 MINUTE ONE ON ONE COACHING (a select few) I will work with you one on one after the first workshop. This 30-minute session will assist you in clarifying what may be fuzzy and also in following through with a strategy! Early registration is advised for this consultation offer as I have a select number of consultations that I will be able to schedule. 

 Cost $125  (December 31st for consultation offer or if the number is reached sooner)


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