The Possibilities Workshop/Coaching series, August 2019

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Regardless of whom we believe ourselves to be in our character-driven lives, our mind and bodies are run by coded language all around us.  Language that creates a loop replaying this history of being mere humans or mortals; a history that serves as codes and instructions. This language loop is then embedded becoming part of every breath we take. This intricate system of breath brings in oxygen transported by the blood and pumped by the heart. The heart as the most major generator in the body then translates/transfers and delivers this information to DNA.  DNA then receives this data /stored memory codes.

Because these codes extend into networks beyond our inner system, we are relentlessly influenced by this language that is in action in everyone’s life, it’s all around us. These core codes are the gatekeepers standing guard when we attempt to penetrate the game of our mind! We find ourselves in what seems to be an endless loop of defeat. It is why we surrender to the codes.

We are in servitude to a lineage of debt/death which we pay off with our life force.

At times we journey into what is seemingly dark and we feel beaten but we really are not. However, we take this journey into the dark in order to retrieve ourselves from a dream that is held together by these codes. 


Possibilities Coaching series:

Although we may understand the effects of programming in our quest to transform our lives there is much in our path that is slighted as trivial or insignificant. We rest in the certainty that we are working on enhancing deeper levels of consciousness/awareness. However, the influence of the world around is much more pervasive than realized. From billboards to water cooler chats.

What I have come to understand even more profoundly are the multiple realms that are being experienced within this level one human experience. This level one human experience is supported by a vast network of “realms” all within this ONE system!

The paradox of the real and unreal takes on new meaning and so to simply say that this is not "real", just doesn’t quite get us out from under and so we keep looping in and out of these realms and stories.

This reinforces the filter that blocks us from seeing the many realms and forms by which everything exists around us such as the rocks, trees, gasses, nature and everything in general.

A moment to moment journey is always taking place as we ascend and descend realms/dimensions through which we travel in moving in and out of this field of matter. In order to remove these filters and move beyond these addicting frequencies, where memory gets stuck and looped we must become conscious of these fields.

It is our “will” that is the driving force of our journey; “will” provide the momentum forward. It provides thrust.


This will be an intensely focused experience. It is intended to take one into a level of sight and observation that you more than likely have not encountered.  Taking this journey requires much “will”, much like the “money” freedom experience. It’s a new level of surrender. What I can tell you is that you may have thought that you woke up from the matrix lol but it will make you think again. As I move through this whole new space I am blown away. 

THE FOCUS OF THE SERIES - based on the following:

This Collective foundation of inner codes are tied to realms of beliefs where the mind remains engaged, distracted and looped (a number of levels). The simplicity and seemingly trivial nature of these “spaces” make it easy for us to form attachments to these realms of thought.

  • Time, Ageing and Body program
  • The laws of physics and time
  • Sustenance and health
  • Mortality

This really is about walking away from the battle with our bodies and our minds. We are more at war with our lives than realized and so we live and think from the perspective of being chased by life. This of course only serves to guide us into the story of lack and deficiency of our life force in one form or another.

This series will tackle all of the above in a very direct way. It’s about coming face to face with these core codes and to begin the process of emerging on the other side of these codes. This is not an overnight process; however, anything is possible for the individual. The aim is to be allowing of more direct sight in moving forward.


Four-part seriesOne on one 30 minute coaching session once per month and Group webinar once per month according to schedule

INCLUDED (In this series it’s important that you write also read/not just audio)

I have actually created a couple of tools for assistance - I really saw the significance of this based on this mind loop and language we encounter 

  • Workbook
  • Flashcards


  • The purpose of the Possibilities series is to assist in the process of opening up to see the realms that one may be particularly attached to without being aware of this.
  • The next step is to engage your will
  • Engaging ones "will" is where the power lies
  • The workbook is for journaling– this is to help with the wild nature of our minds as it will always attempt to return to these familiar realms
  • The flashcards will have briefs thoughts and insights that act as codes and reminders

Prerequisite: Must have participated in one or more paid workshop series in the past two years. (This workshop is for those in a more progressive, (to be clear, not lesser or greater) state of awareness and really accepting of outrageous possibilities. This is my only reason for having a prerequisite as those new to these levels of thought may feel completely thrown or overwhelmed as have happened)

I am not here to convince you but simply to assist you in seeing what is already there and all that you have access to.

This is a more one on one coaching experience series. However, there will be group sessions for sharing for me to impart additional information. It’s just a way to ensure that everyone has the personal support needed.

The One on one sessions will be scheduled according to your schedule so no need to stress about live group gathering although it will be great when you are able to participate in those.

Begins August / TBA

Investment: $650

*Early bird $600

** Those who participated in The science of time and physical expiration, Understanding and altering your own coding, (use code for an additional $25 off $600 early bird)

***Early bird expires July 30, 2019

NOTE: Should you require making two payments of $325 each you may do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please contact me should you have with any questions or if I may assist further.

Please contact me with any questions or if I may assist further.