MAY 2020-The Natural Science of the path inward: living the life of the character

The Natural Science of the path inward workshop/webinar series

What it means to live the life of the character (the identified self) 


Upcoming Workshop/Webinar 

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Registration begins February 25th

There are so many components to decoding our lives and the overall concept of reality despite the length of our quest for discovery. While it may seem like a simple task, we experience many complications by our own hands. I came to the sobering truth some time ago that unless I can acknowledge that I have a right to know any and everything in increments or in levels of awareness; then I haven't even begun my quest. The notion that "somethings you arent supposed to know" is simply a comfortable notion so that we will validate and avoid the deep work of unlocking ourselves. Its a notion supported and encouraged by competitive forces in this game of reality. 

Through the medium of workshops and the monthly teleconferences (Reality Wednesdays), the emphasis is made clear on areas of difficulty or uncertainty being experienced by many in achieving the kinds of progress and transformation they seek. 

The next series of workshop/webinars will focus on the following topics

You may choose to participate in one topic or all three (all three is advised) 

What it means to live the life of the character - three-part series

  1. Examining your characters script more closely
  2. Tapping into the O spot (how to feel the observer self and tap the feeling for focus and direction)
  3. Basic principles of going beyond the death code – (understanding that being timeless requires much more than diet, exercise, and positive thinking)

It is always fascinating because regardless of the expansiveness of our knowledge,  there is always something new that shows up and alters and expanding our perspectives and choices. I too am enlighted when those fluid moments show up! These workshops are truly live feed based, in other words, the details of the information to be delivered is organically presented. Complete details are not planned weeks or months ahead. The topic and basic details are known but the body of the information shows up often hours before the workshop and during the actual workshops. 

Fluidity is a major key to accessing deeper levels of awareness. It requires stepping away from rigid and limiting perspectives about the ocean of possibilities we are part of and actually is! We are the ocean of possibilities and the possibilities are us beyond our 3d lense! 

More details to follow! Registration begins on February 25th!