How to step into the unfolding future fearlessly, Abandoning discouragement- WORKSHOP WEBINAR


Giving breath to your imagination



Saturday, August 15th, 6:30 am PT

With Sonia Barrett


You may sign up for this August 15th workshop or signup for the full series as outlined below

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Life is changing in some way for everyone according to various circumstances initiated by this particular time cycle. Perhaps this is your time to implement ideas that have been gathering dust in your mind. It’s also possible that you might be uncertain about exactly what you would like to do or of feeling anxious because of the uncertainty of what comes next for you.

This two-hour workshop will cover some of the following topics. There is a follow up three-part workshop series that will go deeper into each topic.  Participants will apply these tools and personal discovers to the shaping of their unfolding future. This is about the balancing of self despite the background noise in this hovering field of uncertainty and powerlessness.

This moment in time is without a doubt a grand opportunity despite appearances.

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? It's for any and everyone particularly as we step away from the fragmented beliefs about who or what you believe yourself to be! Its for those who are ready to embrace their entire human life as purposeful and no longer a fragmented view of their value and what they bring to the table. We are all dealing with the "project" of life! Our descent into this life has been a worthy project! 

SINGLE WORKSHOP: While you will walk away with immediately applicable information the series will continue that dialog and support in personal expansion.

FOLLOW UP THREE PART SERIES:  Participants will begin to work on their life’s direction as identified and with suggested homework after each session. The intention is for each participant to have a clearer roadmap for their projects/ideas/business plan/personal goal etc. by the end of the third session.  You won’t be let off the hook. In other words, excuses won’t fly (a bird would never fly if its life was built on excuses and fear of taking off).


You will receive an audio copy of the entire series as well! 

(So you will never have to worry about missing a workshop!)


Our challenges and stumbling blocks are a result of hidden parts of ourselves that want to be brought into the light! 


  • Identifying where you are at this time (the truth)
  • Journeying to the other side of this paradigm
  • How to use the tools of mind and imagination
  • Identifying your frustrations and the “why” behind it/them
  • Where to begin
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Getting through the overwhelm
  • Narrowing your ideas
  • Steps to embarking on projects
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Seeing the truth of your inner quests
  • How to stop talking yourself out of launching new dreams
  • Seeing choice in every action
  • Going beyond the lack program (money, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself) 
  • Personal Value! 
  • And so much more!

**Additional three parts 60-90 minute workshop series (each session) 


COST OF INTRO WORKSHOP: $35 (Register for all three and only pay $120) CLICK TO REGISTER

COST FULL SERIES: $120 (includes intro workshop at no additional cost) CLICK TO REGISTER

ONE ON ONE COACHING AVAILABLE - Please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.