You’re not stuck; but you are looping the same stories! WORKSHOP

How to take a truthful look at your personal stories, lies and agendas

This is about an unbiased acceptance of the self!

Navigating the new 2022 cycle!


Saturday, January 15 and 29th, 2022

Zoom platform 7:30 – 10:00 am PT

Change the past by changing your perception of it

Coming clean with ourselves is the key to the freedom we seek!

You've been having a fluid experience of looping your stories. 

(Audio copy of workshop included)

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This can be a tough one because as humans we can be very selective with the things we choose to see within ourselves. The normality of our function can also create difficulties in being able to see the various levels at which we are in action along with the various stories we hold on to. 

Often it is the fear of seeing precisely how fabricated many of these stories are (sometimes they start out as conscious lies but told enough times they can become our version of truth) that may have no real basis in how certain experiences actually occurred in one's life. Perception however is a key ingredient. 

Unburdening ourselves of these truths can allow for a lighter sense of being. This doesn't mean that we must share this information with others. You are at the center of this essential realization. It matters most that you are able to acknowledge these gems of limitation as it will allow for greater doors to yourself to fly open. All of our reasons for these stories and tales spring from a deeper place and are not merely happenstance. 


You've been having a fluid experience of looping your stories. Interpretation is our anchor to to these stories. This sense of being stuck or caught in a loop affects the desired outcome in areas of our lives that are of great importance to us:

  • Relationships
  • Embrace of self
  • Money
  • Career
  • Passion choices

DEFINITION OF STUCK  "unable to move from a particular position or place, or unable to change a situation:". This is what is implied when we see ourselves as being stuck. To instead see the fluid pattern of the looping story we can more easily change the story.  Reaffirming this sense of feeling stuck becomes the law in certain aspects of our lives. 


Within each new year cycle are our own new cycles that will occur (our birthdays). So giving ourselves permission to gain deeper insight into what we (our character) are comprised of will give way to unbelievable shifts. Why? Because every action we take no longer has to uphold these self imposed rules or stories. Our lives can only be what we design it to be in every moment. This at times can be a tough one to see. 


  • Sometimes momentum is needed to kick-start certain aspects of personal change
  • Sometimes momentum is needed to alert us to these certain tucked away stories
  • Sometimes momentum is needed to release the shame of the truth
  • Sometimes momentum is needed to accept that you will be ok once you acknowledge the truth of your stories 
  • Sometimes momentum is needed simply by being part of a gathering of others making the same leap

Part of the journey is for any and all to move though this human condition which is based on survival which remains at the root of all of these stories. We all have been exposed to this condition in one form or the other in our lives. 


Often we've been working on ourselves (seeing aspects of ourselves that we wish to change) for a while and so we might feel that we are in the clear but the mind is so deep, intricate and somewhat tricky that at times the very thing we have worked on so dutifully suddenly pops up again, and we are shocked! But perhaps there are aspects of the self that we have been avoiding much like walking in the dark, so we avoid it. This also doesn't mean that we must go digging for these stories because often they are right there before us.. It becomes a matter of what we my choose to see or how we may choose to disguise or interpret it! 

  • Come join us for this two part workshop! 
  • We'll take action during the workshop! 
  • Tools will be shared! 
  • We'll also explore the power of stillness!

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