UPCOMING-What your body might be trying to tell you- Your body is living all your stories April 17th


What your body might be trying to tell you- Your body is living all your stories

With Sonia Barrett

April 17th @ 3:00 pm



We are the result and the evidence

Every crease, shape, and movement of our body is a result of current, past, and generational stories. This is not a negative inference but just an acknowledgment of life at the quantum level.

We are the result and the evidence of reactions and interactions arising from sublevels of the quantum field. Beyond subatomic particles of protons, neutrons, and electrons, this endless sublevel comprises reality in support of the stories we live as experienced in our bodies.

In this immediate experience of our lives, we assume burdens as a result of certain interactions with parents, children, family, friends, or work families. We have entanglements much like the fields supporting existence.

Lifeforce draining experiences

These burdens are often unsuspectingly acquired. Being unaware doesn’t change the integration of these burdens we hold. Burdens equate to a stress response at the cellular level. Burdens can become powerful stress responses in the body.

I was prompted to facilitate this workshop after more recent encounters with people experiencing severe health issues or diseases from stress because of lifeforce draining experiences with their children, parents, or family.

While the idea of quantum healing is thrown around many are still unaware of the role of the interaction between these vibrating fields in shaping their lives and the physical body. We are the science of life, we are the evidence of invisible states from which potentials and scenarios emerge and we become the story.

The body is a vibrating field

While scientific discoveries tend to be very fragmented in connecting these relationships with the human body, the connection is an obvious one since these bodies are made of these particles (fields) which also support gasses and chemical compounds.

Diving down the rabbit hole of particle physics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, neurophysics, neuroscience, mathematics, chemistry and so on their correlation is clear as they emerge from the same quantum field.

Although there will always be limitations in discoveries by humans about the science of existence, enough information has been gathered that serves to broaden the mind prompting us to permit an increase in greater awareness.


This is not based on whether you are sick or not at this time. Everyone wears these stories whether their lives are happy or sad.

So please do not be confused about this workshop. We are biological libraries and energy containers, transmitters and receivers, we store and release energy (more familiar are emotions)

Do attend this workshop:


  • Taking a closer look at your biology
  •  More clarity on certain body responses
  • Going from belief to knowing
  • Perhaps you will understand how you arrived at a chronic condition
  •  Decide what to keep and what to release
  •  Simple releasing tools
  • how to create your own release protocols

There will be much discussed as always and you’ll have an opportunity to comment and to ask questions.

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