Your life is a project! Your expansive self took on the project of experiencing human life

Your expansive self took on the project of experiencing human life. Nobody really thinks of it this way, because we are conditioned to have very narrow interpretations about a great many things in our life. We often stick closely to prescribed definitions and meanings. This is all part of directing our attention away from seeing the multidimensional meaning in all that we engage.

Trapped in your familiar version of reality

This virtual world is constantly changing and so we struggle to hold on to the version familiar to us. It is the version that we first encountered when we descended into this current earth cycle at birth; your parent's version and now made your version with a few alternations here and there!  However what we have been clinging to are distortions of history and the conclusions of science which have simply provided the filter through which we continue to collectively interpret reality. The agreed on version.


Beginning every New Year or new 12 months cycle should not simply be viewed as a marker of getting one year older. This kind of thinking or belief can be more disabling than realized. It can derail your efforts in unforeseen ways. We set ourselves up in ways that chart a series of choices and experiences that either keep us affixed in the same patterns or moves us further away from the desired goal.  So what are some of the steps that you can be taken in charting changes in our personal upcoming cycle?

The process of Expansion

Life is about Expansion! So often we desire deliverance from our circumstances yet we fear change particularly when it shows up in an unexpected manner.  We yearn to experience our unlimited self yet what we wish to avoid is the journey towards this objective. It is a journey paved with uncertainties and uncomfortable conditions at times.


What it means to ride out change

While change is inevitable we still find ourselves in resistance to it. Particularity when we are faced with making changes that seems to be in our own hands. Perhaps we become more resistant because there is a sense of powerlessness or loss of control over the change that will or will not occur. Our experiences with unintended change that seem to snatch us from right where we stand, tossing us in an unplanned direction; has left us very vulnerable and cautious. For that reason we find comfort in changes that seem to rely solely on our decision.

The Mind Maze - Waking up in the dream!

We are wanderers in a mind maze, caught in our own minds, continuously searching for answers. We search with the hope of finding clues or some semblance of purpose and clarity of this journey. Endlessly facing resistance and opposition, there always seems to be a push back away from the freedom we seek. We are dreamers in a dream, of a dream in which most are asleep in the dream and dreaming their way into an even deeper state of sleep. We struggle to control the dream not realizing that the very application of control is pre-programmed; pre-programmed with concepts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions that mimic freedom.

Spiritual trendiness that can be a little annoying

In previous articles I have written about The role of “trends” in human adaptation and evolution . The manner in which we as humans take to trends is fascinating. If a word, phrase or behavior is heard or observed enough times it is easily adapted and becomes part of our norm. There are a few words particularly in new age circles that really makes my head spin around a few times. These words become so trendy that they lose their core meaning and instead become the “trendy” thing to say.

How significant is your body

There is a tendency to greatly reduce the importance of the body specifically by a great many spiritual movements. It’s generally easier to dismiss things that seem to be beyond our control or beyond our ability to understand or decipher. The body is clearly a puzzling piece. However it is evident that the body takes its instructions from its occupant. Most of these instructions are unrealized; they are automatic based on patterns in behavior and beliefs. Much of what we understand is specific to a particular outcome, one that is supported by confirmation all around us…or so it appears.

Where is your importance placed?

To examine where we place importance identifies where much of our creative energy is placed. Those things of importance require focused attention; the observer effect. What is the end result of your focused attention? What is your game made of? What defines your game? We are immersed in an endless series of important features in our reality. However what is interesting is the manner in which the order of importance can quickly be altered. Life happens tossing us to and from, forcing us to adapt to a shift in the order of importance. Suddenly what once seemed important now holds less of our focus. Instead that energy has been diverted to the new target of importance. We spend time swapping varying degrees of energy or life force which is then applied to crystalizing our reality. Much of this happens in rotation; an automatic action causing us to seldom be present or free from the kinds of priorities we “buy” into.