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A Journey of Possibilities

A Journey of Possibilities is a collection of stimulating articles written by Sonia Barrett over the course of several years. Each one is like its own unique book covering a diverse range of information. Compiled in this book format will allow the reader to conveniently reference each one again and again. Each article is rich with stimulating ideas and concepts and reading them more than once will reveal layers of coded information.

”For the human body to live 250,000 years is not a miracle, neither is it an impossible dream, neither is it a ridiculous idea. Your memory of a life not bound by time was altered and such limiting perceptions took the forefront. Despite this illusion of limitation our DNA, cells, brain and heart remain unlimited in accessing beyond time and space; an endless stream of codes and data. We have been bamboozled into believing that a long life will be pointless as we no longer remember that such timeless bodies were occupied by minds capable of building new concepts and new models of this virtual playground.”