The Art of Managing your Reality

Sonia's workshop- Your body is your sensory system for processing reality

3 hours


The Holographic Canvas Audio

Audio Version- Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs?

200 pages - audio


THE REAL CURRENCY- Perception change; Spending your life, money and time

Sonia's 6 months workshop- Changing your perception of time and money

15 hours  - 2 1/2 3 hour workshops monthly


The Relationship Matrix

Sonia's lecture- You are in a relationship with everything

5 hour 


The Reprogramming Experiment Series

The Reprogramming Experiment Series - A six-part webinar workshop series 10+ hours! 


The Technology of Human Existence, Going beyond the concept of consciousness

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Understanding the coded system we call reality

A 6 part workshop series

12 + hours 


The Ultimate Game Changer 2 day workshop

Sonia 2 day workshop at her home- Understanding the paradox of "real"

8 hours 


Time Simulations and the Engineering of Reality

Sonia's workshop- Reality is engineered by a network of time simulations

6 hours


Understanding Money and the numeric program

Sonia's workshop- Numbers and Money are belief system codes 


Using your survival program to crack your reality codes

Sonia's lworkshop- the fabric of survival and how we can begin to utilize those skills

2 hours


What it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back

Sonia's workshop- Taking back your power

2 hour 


When challenges seem to increase, as you aim to change old programs

A webinar/workshop with Sonia Barrett -Steps to surpass the trap of the illusion

3 hours - Audio download (video available)