Recharge and empowerment

Stop Running from the Matrix

Sonia's lecture- Feeling trrapped in your reality

5 hours


The Art of Managing your Reality

Sonia's workshop- Your body is your sensory system for processing reality

3 hours


The Relationship Matrix

Sonia's lecture- You are in a relationship with everything

5 hour 


What it means to do the work, DOWNLOAD

2hrs 40 min workshop with Sonia. Receive both Audio and Video download, Interrupting the spell


What it means to give your power away and what it means to take it back

Sonia's workshop- Taking back your power

2 hour 


When challenges seem to increase, as you aim to change old programs

A webinar/workshop with Sonia Barrett -Steps to surpass the trap of the illusion

3 hours - Audio download (video available)