Conspiracy Con Copy

Sonia's presentation at Conspiracy Con
2009 105 minutes DVD


Custom Designing the Human Race

Sonia's lecture - The engineering of reality

 2013  90 minutes  DVD


Expanding the Boundaries of our Perception

EXPANDING THE BOUNDARIES OF OUR PERCEPTION 90 minutes -( includes speical bonus offer)


Exploring the technology of mind, consciousness and DNA Reality Codes -

Sonia speaking at The International UFO Congress, September 2019 - now on DVD 1 hr 15 minutes


Government of the Matrix

2 Hours This is a lecture by Sonia Barrett on Government of the Matrix in Los Angeles 12/4/08.


How to reset your body and override the default programs

Sonia's lworkshop  -Aging and decaying is an adaptation program

 2016  DVD


Meditation Webinar - Down the rabbit wormhole

Sonia's lworkshop  -Meditation workshop

 2016 6 hours DVD


Overriding The Hypnotic Spell of The Matrix

Sonia's workshop- "Who or what controls your perception" ?

 3 hour DVD


Re-Imagine Retreat 2014 - Three day retreat in Ojai, Ca

Sonia's lecture/ retreat  -Reverse engineering the technology of mind and body

 2014  10 hours  DVD


Reality Code Expansion-Choice vs. Programs

Sonia's lecture- What is the interplay between choice and programs?

 2 hour DVD


Recoding Your Perception of Reality

Sonia's workshop- "Coming face to facr with the technology of being human" ?

 2 + hour DVD


The Art of Managing your Reality - Webinar

Sonia's lworkshop  -Is there an operating manual?

 2016 3 hours DVD


The Bay Area UFO Expo

Sonia's lecture- The smoke and mirror of earths design 

 2009  109 minutes DVD


The Programming of Humanity

Sonia's first workshop- the electromagnetic spectrum and how it relates to this virtual game 

Year 2008  5 1/2 hours DVD 


The Surrender (Memory Lecture 2009)

Sonia's lecture - Removing the masks

 2009  5  hours DVD