Embarking on the subtler fields by redirecting the brain and the mind (three parts) Three month workshop!/ 3 part workshop series - 6 hours  Following the recent two part workshop (Un.. Product #: Download550 Regular price: $300.00 $300.00

Embarking on the subtler fields by redirecting the brain and the mind (three parts)


Begins June 16th, July 14th, August 11th

We are building a relationship with the “subtler realms” from which the visible word emerges.

Three month workshop!


Please indicate that you are interested by adding yourself to the Zoom link.  I need to know by Thursday, May 18th.

(My schedule is busy and so it’s important for me to know if this series will take place ASAP)

https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIocOiupz0iHtaWJA9OhSvyZFB8d_VrwDL9 )

Following the recent two part workshop (Understanding how your brain blocks you from waking up in the human game!) it is clear that a monthly workshop series would be greatly beneficial. This is currently being offered to those who attending the recent workshop.

For several years I hosted a series of six months workshops, (actually before the Zoom platform existed!) using audio platforms then on Zoom once each month. However I haven’t done so for a number of years now. At this time I would like to offer three months series which means that we will meet once per month for three months. After each monthly workshop I will randomly send out tidbits of insights during the month or share someone’s insight. You will have the recording.


  • Refining more deeply the realization of that your journey is an initiation and begin to see it clearer than ever!
  • There is a peeling or un-layering that continues to happen in many stages as we move forward
  • We will work on our emotional responses to life, people and situations before us
    • Exercising our ability to redirect being caught in our feeling
    • This very tough one as our feeling responses are survival related lots of self-protection that require a tremendous amount of life force. (energy drains)
    • Recognizing what we tell ourselves – such as “I don’t care” or I don’t let other people bother me” is this really true?
    • The other aspect of this is in recognizing our DENIAL
  • The only way to get real is to get real with ourselves
  • Participating in this series with others or just knowing that others are working on these things as well and of course sharing and hearing the response of others can be quite helpful
  • Moving forward without stagnation or becoming more immediately aware when your energy is being directed to stuck behavior or patterns

Although we are meeting once per month the focus or topic for the month will require daily implementation. This is why those monthly workshop have been missed. These gathering drive commitment to ourselves and establish a sense of accountability.


This kind of focus of presence builds more hyperawareness. Our senses begin to go beyond basic sounds, sight, sensations and intuition. We practice turning up the volume to these senses, to deepen our interaction with the subtler fields. (The fields from which the visible world emerges)

Much of our behavior and observation of the field around us is very topical (meaning that the sensations and observations are typical, common and expected) Being trapped in the familiar not only limits us but it also builds fear of the unknown. We are never as open as we think that we are and it is important to maintain an awareness of this in order to actually permit more of an opening.

This is necessary to interact with the realms that our brains filter according to our actions and thought process. Again we are building a relationship with the subtler realms from which the visible word emerges.

This series is meant to build momentum and self-trust in growing ones awareness/consciousness. 

COST $300 and $275 for early registration

Those interested please indicate that by adding yourself to the Zoom list. I would first like to know how many people are interested after which I will send any additional information for registration.