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Everything- The technology of shifting realms

EVERYTHING - This was a 6 part workshop- meeting once per month for six months. This was in some way a follow up to such previous workshops as: 12 Hours!

  • The Technology of Human existence
  • Understanding money and the numeric program
  • How to reset your body and override the default programs
  • Topics from other previous webinars as well

It was a private workshop for only those who had attended the above workshops. We discussed such topics as:

  • Time travel and consciousness and the bio field, shifting and transforming beyond the default program of death
  • Love as a technology
  • Removing mind and emotions - The Dhanurved practice
  • Ending the polarization of judgment
  • Out of body experiences and the phase phenomena

I strongly suggest also listening to the previous workshops or at least the workshop prior to this one called The Technology of Human existence. What we discuss is all so incredibly fascinating as these masterful participants also share their experiences.