Exploring the technology of mind, consciousness and DNA Reality Codes - Sonia speaking at The International UFO Congress, September 2019 - now on DVD 1 hr 15 minutes.. Product #: Video25 Regular price: $20.00 $20.00

Exploring the technology of mind, consciousness and DNA Reality Codes -


NOW on DVD 1hr 15 minutes

Lecture: Exploring the Technology of Mind, Consciousness, & Our DNA Reality Codes

What is life? How do we define life? What is technology as it relates to the engineering of “life” or life forms? The general human understanding of our existence is filtered through intentional reality constructs that map a specific version of reality. This has left us with archaic interpretations of who we are, where we are from and what lies beyond this prefab version of reality.

The technology of mind, consciousness, and space and time are interlinked in a way that supports the simulations objective. To examine this more deeply will begin the process of leaving fear behind. Many are overwhelmed by the fear of a loss of control or power over forces and experiences that may occur during their most vulnerable moments which is during sleep time. There are unrealized permission codes that are veiled by the hypnosis of fear. Embarking on this kind of deep awareness will begin to unlock the virtual door that leads beyond this limiting version of reality.

The advanced technology of alien intelligence plays a great role in the dividing factor between earth humans and life outside of our planet.

We tend to automatically elevate our cosmic brothers/sisters to a state of superiority. This belief establishes a sense of vulnerability from which fear becomes a factor. Vulnerability becomes a signal of permission.

This is a superhighway of intelligence traveling across time. It is important to understand that because of these varying levels of advanced technology, the science; engineering and designing of worlds/ systems and planetary life is an ongoing occurrence by such advanced beings (just as we are aiming to do here- robots, AI, virtual reality technology etc.).

At this juncture in time humanity’s upswing in technology is an indication of a default upgrade in human awareness, intelligence, and memory which are all essential in unlocking the human potential for greater cosmic connection and a seat at the table. This upgrade is vital in order for many to begin to better tune in to the various channels (much like a radio station) in this vast network that stretches across time. These channels are the frequency fields/bands that allow our cosmic neighbors to communicate or transmit information across the bridge of time/distance. Upgrades are however unique to the individual. This is not always about the group mind. The group mind has actually served as a tool in reducing greater levels of awareness in the individual. We become susceptible to group mind beliefs and limitations.

Humans experience restrictions in experiencing such connections due to programmed interpretations and protocols of reality projected to our minds and also coded in our DNA. Although we may be aware that life exists everywhere in all forms and in the spaces between the spaces it is now essential that we remove these outdated constructs of inferiority to any life forms beyond this planet. We are all alien life from other systems across time; scientists, engineers, coders, architects, astronauts and we have seeded ourselves onto this planet. Technology and spirituality are intertwined once we allow ourselves to redefine our own design, that of our alien brothers and sisters and of the systems/simulations that we have narrowed into a great mystery.

While we may crave communication with our cosmic neighbors, what is truly at stake and essential is the unlocking of the human mind, brain, and DNA reality codes in order to own our power and to override old vulnerability programs. We must be prepared for greater flight. We must be prepared to see ourselves as equals.