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Going beyond destiny and fate

This workshop has been created in a two part format in order for participants to begin integrating the information into consistent changes. These workshops and lectures are never about temporary hype or motivational speaking but instead participants experience an inner connection and awareness that emerges from them.
This kind of inner shift is powerful as you latch on to your own ability to access profound levels of knowledge from within. It is about trusting one’s ability to tap into the flow. This requires stepping outside of the box away from the general rules of the game. Who creates the rules, who creates these programs? In order to begin to experience an authentic sense of sovereignty we must be released from these spiritual boundaries created by externalizing concepts. The science of what is possible goes beyond the scope of our limited imagination and this will be explored.
This will be an interactive experience so do come prepared to be open. Participants will be given an assignment to complete during the course of the week following part 1 of this experience. This is done as a way to assist in the jump starting of change. It also allows participants to come back with questions and to receive clarity and direction in continuing this inner evolution. Reality is a profound game involving you as a consciousness system limited only by the limits of one’s perception. Join us and experience the freedom of adding latitude to ones reality. You are the ultimate creator of your hologram!
A look at the holographic nature of the soul as a record keeper and navigation system
How is your life span being measured; how is it turned on and off; can we override the program?
Getting off the wheel of the astrological programs
Going beyond the boundaries of destiny and fate
Clarifying the idea of immortality and its significance as an option in   human evolution
Are you the ancient Gods you speak of?
The imprisonment of cycles (boundaries set by cycles)
Practical approaches to being more that these projected limitations