Hacking the Mind Package - Advanced Sonia's workshop/webinar- A craking your personal codes package 16 Hours - 5 separate workshops inc.. Product #: Downloads -002 Regular price: $175.00 $175.00

Hacking the Mind Package -Advanced

· Hacking the Mind -7 hours

· Going beyond destiny and fate- 5 hours
· Money and the Scarcity and plenty game- 2 hours
· Reading the Data Stream – 2 hours
Reality is a profound game involving you as a consciousness system limited only by the limits of one’s perception. In this series of lectures we explore:
A look at the holographic nature of the soul as a record keeper and navigation system
How is your life span being measured; how is it turned on and off; can we override the program?
Getting off the wheel of the astrological programs
Going beyond the boundaries of destiny and fate
Clarifying the idea of immortality and its significance as an option in   human evolution
Are you the ancient Gods you speak of?
The imprisonment of cycles (boundaries set by cycles)
Practical approaches to being more that these projected limitations 
These lectures explore the technology of this vast cosmic computerized system to which we are tied as our minds are interwoven into a complexity of program streams from which our individual journeys are constructed. Until we venture into this realization we will be confined to the gradual evolution of humanity based on the general system programs known as cycles. We are then predestined to operate from the collective stage one blueprint.
 The understanding of the science of this monetary mind trap is bound together with our beliefs about time and space. Your very existence is played out though the monetary matrix. This is all an illusion of scarcity and plenty.
All components in every aspect of reality are comprised of data. Our entire interaction with reality is based on information exchange. What is overlooked or unrealized is the necessity to read the underlying data stream in all mechanisms of interaction. This ranges from the physical to the non-physical passage of engagement. The game is about the interplay with streams of underlying undetected data or information.