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Phasing into Practical Evolution workshop


 Audio Excerpt (little humorous as well) 


A two part workshop - (designed this way to allow participants to implement concepts from Part 1 and move into Part 2 with questions and results)

This was an incredible workshop particularly a method that was shared, that shifted participants minds in a short time. They began to test this method in their lives with amazing results (as you will hear in part 2) Their perception of challenges shifted as they were able to take back the reins from their character self. 

This was the first workshop/webinar of the new cycle 2018! It was a great way to move beyond all the excuses and reasons we present ourselves in postponing desired change and expansion.

The journey of each human being is interlaced in this human simulation.  What are the codes and triggers keeping us interlinked to these default settings?  Evolution = Upgrade

The search for deeper understanding and the meaning of life and of our personal journey inevitably leads back to us as individuals; each human being is an incredible store house of history and information. However our minds and bodies appear to be interlocked within this matrix we call reality (life), an entanglement which seems impossible to unravel from.

What do we mean by unravel? What is it that we crave a release from? How do you interpret or define your presence in this entanglement of experiencing?

Having insight into our personal system/journey holds the key to the codes and triggers keeping us fastened to this default human experience (in the simulation). As we strip our self of rituals of distraction we begin to penetrate the firewall between our default self and an upgraded “potentiality self”.

Yes there is indeed a default human experience that is simply just one potential of many; our consciousness however filters it as a singular potential. (our bodies confirm the focus of our consciousness at the root level)  This simply means that there is a standard set of programs and protocols by which the human experience is expected to unfold a sort of automatic plugin for the manner in which we will perceive existence.

FEW OF THE WORKSHOP TOPICS (and so much more)

  • To snap out of the hypnotic effect of one’s reality
  • To step away from blanket beliefs about reality
  • Truly exploring the fields of potentiality as it pertains to one’s self
  • To be present in observation of self as we go
  • To apply this information as a way to see more clearly one’s journey
  • Recognizing one’s own codes and triggers
  • No more waiting to discover ones purpose
  • What are your do’s and don’ts (do they hold clues to your upgrade?)