Re-Imagine Retreat 2014 - Three day retreat in Ojai, Ca Sonia's lecture/ retreat  -Reverse engineering the technology of mind and body  2014  10 hours  DVD.. Product #: DVD-013 Regular price: $195.00 $195.00

Re-Imagine Retreat 2014 - Three day retreat in Ojai, Ca


A Three day Retreat with Sonia Barrett August, 2014, Ojai California

This went beyond what we could our imagination. It was fantastic! 

We delved even deeper into the understanding of mathematics and the cycles. 

Cracking the code or reverse engineering the technology of mind and body have been all part of my quest for some time. We function in a realm of programs embedded in mathematics and science which we use to affirm reality.  My understanding has greatly increased as I continue to implement new levels of this awareness.  I realized that I could no longer play the game by these illusory rules. There must be another way I thought... and there is. Although it is all illusion there are different levels of illusion.  

Tunneling through the illusion of survival is done in stages and is also energetically rearranged in stages. Just as we function in a layered highway of possibilities...a layer of realms; we must also pass through layers of locked and secured reality programs in the space called mind. Again this goes beyond positive thinking and motivational concepts.

  • A core key is to empty ourselves of the programmed steps and procedures for living life. The game is made up of steps, procedures, restrictions and consequences.  
  • Mathematics plays a key role – we have been programmed to believe that 2+2 = 4 and 2 x 3 = 6 but what is 4 or 6 for the matter? We live by a series of formulas and engrained patterns which our brains identify with...and perhaps for the first time you will understand this formula and see the manner in which your life is driven by it. Despite the mind’s free space imagination is intercepted by these formulas.
  • Understand the rules of the game…what rules? It’s all made up!
    Let’s turn your imagination inside out. How free are you to let go of your restrictions about the journey.

This retreat took us beyond our boundaries invoking harmonics to free the spirit mind and body. We dived into core programs and structures from which we build our illusions of reality. It was a ground breaking experience.