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Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone - 7 Day program Handbook

Simple ways to step outside your comfort zone in 2017 Handbook

Letting go of an outdated life

7 Day Program!

After hosting the webinar, Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone in 2017, I realized that for some it may simply be about taking the first step and the journey to taking those first steps may be perceived as difficult. Although there are questions and core steps presen!ted, two things must occur, you must begin and you must be consistent. With this in mind I have created a series of steps that serve as a roadmap.   

We hold countless conditioning in our minds about who we are and what is possible . Through this program you will explore and lay to rest limiting concepts that seem to run interference in your movement towards more expansive possibilities.  

  • What I love about this program is that you are completely in charge! 
  •  This course is a roadmap!
  •  You can stretch it and bend it any way you want to
  •  It’s not a rigid series of steps! 
  •  It’s you getting some focus and direction! 
  •  It’s you tuning in and acknowledging the truth of how you really feel! 
  •  Next it’s an opportunity to do something about how you really feel! 
  • Fear of running out of time
  • Clinging to old religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Feeling spiritually deficient
  • End seeking to find your “purpose” (outdated)
  • Being introduced to yourself
  • Are you free to explore your ideas 
  • Filled with reasons why you “cant” explore your ideas/dreams 
  • Convinced that the demands of life is holding you back
  • Do you cling to security (illusion)
  • What to do when there is no desire to do anything
  • How panicked are you if you don’t have a health care plan or 401k, or some sort of retirement plan
  • Are you confined to an environment or lifestyle out of fear
  • Is lack a habitual experience for you (are you always in lack – love, money, career, friends etc.)
  • Uncertain about the possibility of “being” other than the life you have been living