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The Relationship Matrix

5 Hours, parts 1 and 2 Your role in the relationship game!
This teleseminar is about a reality check.
Relationships and money seems to be the number# challenge in the game. Yet our entire experience is relationship based. We are in a relationship with everything in our life be it animate or inanimate. We are in a relationship with places, people, things and situations. The man & woman relationship are however headliners for most all humans. For many it’s an endless quest in finding the ideal mate or simply maintaining already established relationships. Like all other experiences we are playing a role in these relationships as well. What is your role? What is your character about? What are the patterns that follow you throughout all relationships? There is a tremendous amount of externalizing and stories that we tell ourselves about who we are and what we need. This teleseminar is about a reality check. It will examine such questions and will explore even more deeply the following topics:
The concept of finding the ideal mate…what does that mean?
What happens when your mate is not progressing spiritually as you are (or so it seems)
Being real about your role in your current and previous relationships
The idea of soul mates…what does that mean
Distracted by the idea of tantric practice
The transmitting and receiving process of sexual expression
Suffocating relationships
Has your relationship simply become a habit instead of a heart connected experience?
Breaking through the fear of being alone
Releasing the relationship blueprint of the matrix
Learn to lose control
The booby-trap of expectations