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Understanding Money and the numeric program

After hearing many speak of their money conditions or of their financial patterns, I decided to offer a four part extension of The Ultimate Game Changer I workshop which took place in my hone in 2014. I have never offered a workshop which guides you through this particular concept.

 What you will hear is (some) hardcore, the real deal and my own personal journey of moving through the money program! How did I raise thousands of dollars to produce this movie with no idea where it would come from?

How did I get through my life once I went cold turkey and stopped all workshops, lectures etc., or any means of bringing in cash for almost a year? I had to once and for all test the fact that the presence of money is dependent on my perception and the on the experiences tied to these perceptions. I had to understand the role played by numbers. I learned that Numbers and Money are belief system codes connected to our neural network!Right now you are a junkie to your perception of reality and you don’t even know itlol! Yes it’s pretty crazy as I did go through withdrawals.( I am still unfolding however)

This is a four part series. I was very excited about facilitating these workshops because of my acquired skills having dived into taking that journey. I understand the chimera of money and its assigned numeric value or codes and how the brain interprets this story! Make no mistake these principles apply to your entire human experience and one’s evolution.

I am still journeying through but have gotten stronger in my awareness of the illusion of lack. There is always a new level of awareness and so I am not selling "abundance" or "the law of attraction", I am just speaking of the freedom to know and to tunnel through the illusion.

Prepare to commit to awakening to a greater understanding and to applying the necessay tools in decoding your belief system. This was a ground breaking experience for many!