When challenges seem to increase, as you aim to change old programs A webinar/workshop with Sonia Barrett -Steps to surpass the trap of the illusion 3 hours - Audio do.. Product #: Download - 036 Regular price: $40.00 $40.00

When challenges seem to increase, as you aim to change old programs


3 Hour workshop

Took place on July 29, 2017

The topic of this workshop is a common sentiment. It’s reasonable to say that these are experiences that most can relate to. I certainly can. As we dig deeper and set out to change our reality circumstances seem to escalate and that escalation breeds fear and doubt and at times a bit of anger.

These experiences were addressed. To pretend that one is feeling in a flow with the universe only serves to establish further limitations. Experiencing this push back as we strive for change is natural. The question is how do we deal with it, how do we work around it, how do we use it to further launch our lives.

Participants were taking through a few exercises as a way to work through their challenging experiences. 

  • Owning the feeling
  • Owning the frustration, fear or doubt
  • Identifying the illusion of setbacks or challenges
  • Stepping up your game in the midst of the fire
  • Coming out on the other side of transformation
  • Changing your perception

A number of those attending the workshop raised comments and questions which you will here. This was another eye opening perspective creating immediate  relief for some. Above is an excerpt from the 3 hour event.